USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program

Coastal & Marine Geology Program

Field Activity Details for field activity 1994-032-FA

Other ID: 9401

Status: Completed

Organization(s): USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

Funding Program(s):

Location: Georges Bank, Stellwagen Bank, United States, North America, North Atlantic;

Principal Investigator(s): Page Valentine

Affiliate Investigator(s):

Information Specialist(s):

Data Type(s): Sampling: Biology, Sampling: Geology, Location-Elevation: Navigation, Sonar: Sidescan, Imagery: Photo, Imagery: Video

Scientific Purpose/Goals: Document character/distribution of fisheries habitats on the northern edge (U.S./Canada) of Georges Bank; quantify trawling/dredging on epibenthic megafauna in fished/unfished areas; sidescan future GLOBEC site; and re-sidescan storm/fisheries impacted Stellwagen Bank.


Start Date: 1994-04-06

Start Port/Location: Woods Hole, MA

End Date: 1994-04-15

End Port/Location: Woods Hole, MA

Equipment Used: Dredge, DGPS, Klein 531 sidescan, Osprey camera system

Information to be Derived:

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered:

Staff: Dann Blackwood, David Nichols, Nancy K. Soderberg, Eric A. Schmuck, Barbara A. Seekins, Page Valentine

Affiliate Staff:
Galo Escanero - URI

Notes: Sidescan records archived at USGS-Woods Hole. Video tapes/photos archived at USGS; URI-Narragansett, RI; NURP-UCONN-Groton,CT. Biological samples archived at URI.

Location Map:


photo of Albatross IV
Albatross IV


Data Acquired

Survey EquipmentSurvey InfoData Type(s)Data Collected
Dredge --- Biology
DGPS --- Navigation
Klein 531 sidescan --- Sidescan
Osprey camera system --- Photo