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Field Activity Details for field activity 2005-004-FA

Other ID: none

Status: Completed

Organization(s): USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

Funding Program(s):

Principal Investigator(s): Jane Denny

Affiliate Investigator(s): Jeff Deacon, NH/VT WRD

Information Specialist(s): Jane Denny

Data Type(s): Biological Field Study: Experiments, Biological Field Study: Surveys, Imagery: Photo, Imagery: Video, Sampling: Biology, Sampling: Geology, Visual Identification: Species ID

Scientific Purpose/Goals: Sea floor mapping of Lake Winnipesaukee working with NH WRD; invasive species mapping project.


Start Date: 2005-07-23

Start Port/Location: Moultonborough Bay, NH

End Date: 2005-07-30

End Port/Location: Moultonborough Bay, NH

Equipment Used: SeaBOSS

Information to be Derived:

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: Geophysical survey was conducted within Moultonbourough Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee using high-resolution sidescan-sonar, swath bathymetry, and chirp sub-bottom profiler. Sediment samples, video and bottom photographs were collected to ground truth the geophysics. These data will lay the foundation for further habitat studies within the Bay.

Staff: William Danforth, Jane Denny, Barry Irwin, Charles Worley

Affiliate Staff:

Notes: Dates have changed from initial pre-cruise report.


Lake Winnipesaukee, Moultonborough, Carroll County, New Hampshire, United States, North America;

North: 43.75 South: 43.65 West: -71.5 East: -71.25


photo of Rafael


Deacon, J.R., Denny, J.F., Argue, D., Kiah, R.G. and Danforth, W.W.,, Distribution and Habitat Conditions of Variable-leaf Milfoil in Moultonborough Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire: .

Denny, J.F., Danforth, W.W., Worley, C.R., and Irwin, B.J, 2014, High-resolution geophysical and sample data collected in Moultonborough Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire in 2005, USGS Field Activity 2005-004-FA: doi: 10.5066/F71N7Z4H.


Data Acquired

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SeaBOSS --- Experiments
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