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Coastal & Marine Geology Program

Field Activity Details for field activity 2012-052-FA

Other ID: none

Status: Completed

Organization(s): USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

Funding Program(s):

Location: Upper Mystic Lake--I did not change this! WHY AM I DOING THIS AGAIN?

Principal Investigator(s): John Pohlman, Carolyn Ruppel

Affiliate Investigator(s):

Information Specialist(s): Michael Casso

Data Type(s): Environmental Data: Methane, Location-Elevation: Navigation, Seismics: Boomer, Sonar: Single Beam

Scientific Purpose/Goals: Reoccupy survey lines used for CRDS and Humminbird surveys on June 7, 2012 to image gas in the sediments


Start Date: 2013-05-22

Start Port/Location: public boat ramp

End Date: 2013-05-24

End Port/Location: public boat ramp

Equipment Used: GPS (wh), Single channel hydrophone, Humminbird fishfinder, HYPACK, Boomer, Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS)

Information to be Derived: Sea floor map;

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: Re-occupied CRDS survey lines from June 7 and gathered Humminbird water colum imaging data (for gas plumes) and Chirp SBP

Staff: Michael Casso, Eric Moore

Affiliate Staff:
Kyle Delwiche-MIT

Notes: None This report is based on information from activity 12029.

The system gave it a 2012 number but it is a 2013 activity
Project = NSF/Hydraulic Sciences,

Location Map:


photo of Knob


Data Acquired

Survey EquipmentSurvey InfoData Type(s)Data Collected
GPS (wh) --- Navigation
Single channel hydrophone --- Air Gun / Water Gun
Bubble Gun
Sub Bottom Profiler
Humminbird fishfinder --- Single Beam
HYPACK --- Navigation
Boomer --- Boomer
Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) --- Methane