Rearing of animals or cultivation of plants, for example agriculture, irrigation, aquaculture, plantations, herding, pests and diseases affecting crops and livestock

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Remote Sensing Coastal Change Simple Data Distribution Service

The Remote Sensing Coastal Change Simple Data Service provides timely and long-term access to emergency, provisional, and approved photogrammetric imagery, derivatives, and ancillary data through a web service via HyperText Transfer Protocol to a folder/file structure organized by data collection platform and survey (collection effort) with metadata sufficient to facilitate both human and machine access. Data are acquired, processed, and published using standardized workflows. Each data type added to the ...

Post-Hurricane Florence RGB averaged orthoimagery of coastal North Carolina

This data release presents structure-from-motion (SFM) products derived from aerial imagery surveys with precise Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) navigation data flown in a piloted fixed wing aircraft taken along the North Carolina coast in response to Hurricane Florence (available here USGS researchers use the elevation models and orthorectified imagery to assess future coastal vulnerability, nesting habitats for wildlife, and provide data ...