Snow and ice cover

Accumulation of snow or ice blanketing land surfaces.
This category is also used for cryosphere, glaciers, ice, and snowpack.

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Projected open water seasons using four global climate models for 2011 to 2100 fronting Arey Lagoon and Barter Island, Alaska

Estimated start date, end date, and duration of open water at a location fronting Barter Island, Alaska derived from projected sea ice extents in 4 global climate models: MIROC5, BCC-CSM1.1, INM-CM4, and GFDL-ESM2M. Starting and ending dates are when sea ice retreated or is projected to retreat offshore by more than 80 kilometers fronting Barter Island. Projected coastal storm events were derived by downscaling atmospheric conditions of the RCP 4.5 climate scenario with the MIROC5 global climate model (GCM) ...