Environmental proxies

Biological, chemical, or physical features whose presence, characteristics, or behavior reflect environmental parameters of interest that cannot be readily or efficiently observed or measured directly.
This category is also used for environmental surrogates.

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Local radiocarbon reservoir age (ΔR) variability from the nearshore and open-ocean environments of the Florida Keys reef tract during the Holocene and associated U-series and radiocarbon data (Marine20 Radiocarbon Calibration Curve)

68 Holocene-aged corals from reef cores collected throughout the Florida Keys reef tract (FKRT) were dated using a combination of U-series and radiocarbon techniques to quantify the millennial-scale variability in the local radiocarbon reservoir age (ΔR) of the shallow water environments of south Florida. ΔR provides a measure of the deviation of local radiocarbon concentrations of marine environments from the global average and can be used as a tracer of oceanic circulation and local hydrology. U.S. ...