Land use change

Effect of changing land use patterns on ecological systems.
This category is also used for urbanization.

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Using fossilized charcoal to corroborate the Everglades fire history geodatabase

Fire in the Everglades National Park (ENP) has historically been influential in shaping the Everglades ecosystem. As a result, ENP has been documenting fire events since 1948, and these data have been incorporated into an Esri ArcGIS geodatabase (Smith, T.J. III, and others, 2015). According to this geodatabase, 757,078 hectares of wetlands burned from 1948 to 2011. The main type of vegetation that has burned is comprised of palustrine and estuarine wetlands; however, there are areas in ENP that are ...

Coast Train--Labeled imagery for training and evaluation of data-driven models for image segmentation

Coast Train is a library of images of coastal environments, annotations, and corresponding thematic label masks (or ‘label images’) collated for the purposes of training and evaluating machine learning (ML), deep learning, and other models for image segmentation. It includes image sets from both geospatial satellite, aerial, and UAV imagery and orthomosaics, as well as non-geospatial oblique and nadir imagery. Images include a diverse range of coastal environments from the U.S. Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, ...