Permanent constructions that are roofed and usually walled. [USGS Circ 1048]
This category is also used for administrative facilities, adminstrative facilities, animal pounds, animal shelters, aquariums, barns, border posts, cabins, castles, city halls, civic centers, civil buildings, club houses, coast guard stations, commissaries, community centers, community houses, conference facilities, consulates, convention centers, customs houses, customs posts, depots, embassy buildings, exhibition buildings, facilities, facility centers, firehouses, fire stations, forest stations, government buildings, guard stations, halls, headquarters, hostels, hotels, houses, inns, inspection stations, legation buildings, lodges, missions, motels, neighborhood centers, offices, park headquarters, patrol posts, pavilions, planetariums, plazas, police posts, public buildings, ranger stations, restaurants, shelters, shops, stations, structures, student unions, studios, substations, taverns, town halls, trading posts, treatment plants, United States Government establishments, visitor centers, walls, and warehouses.
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