Tidal flat

very gently sloping surface that is inundated at high tide.
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Coast Train--Labeled imagery for training and evaluation of data-driven models for image segmentation

Coast Train is a library of images of coastal environments, annotations, and corresponding thematic label masks (or ‘label images’) collated for the purposes of training and evaluating machine learning (ML), deep learning, and other models for image segmentation. It includes image sets from both geospatial satellite, aerial, and UAV imagery and orthomosaics, as well as non-geospatial oblique and nadir imagery. Images include a diverse range of coastal environments from the U.S. Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, ...

Eelgrass and substrate characteristics in Bellingham Bay, Washington, July 2019

Eelgrass (Zostera marina) characteristics, sediment grain size distributions, sediment total organic carbon contents (TOC), carbon isotope ratios of sediment organic matter, and total carbon to total nitrogen ratios were measured at four lower intertidal sites in Bellingham Bay, Washington, July 2-5, 2019.

Substrate properties for invertebrate comparisons in Bellingham Bay, Washington, July 2019 and July-August 2020

Sediment grain-size distributions and total organic carbon contents were measured at four intertidal sites and three subtidal sites along the urban waterfront (east shore) of Bellingham Bay, Washington, July 3-11, 2019 and June 6-August 31, 2020. Intertidal substrate was sampled in eelgrass beds, and subtidal substrate was sampled inside and outside of the deep edge of eelgrass beds.