Emergent Tidal Marsh

Biotic Subclass: Communities dominated by emergent, halophytic, herbaceous vegetation (with occasional woody forbs or shrubs) along low-wave-energy, intertidal areas of estuaries and rivers. ...

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Seasonal vegetation characteristics in a Spartina foliosa- and Salicornia pacifica-dominated salt marsh at China Camp State Park

As part of the San Francisco Bay Marsh Sediment Experiments and hydrodynamic investigations in San Pablo Bay and China Camp Marsh, California, vegetation sampling measurements were taken over several periods at numerous locations. This portion of the data release presents physical characteristics and percent cover data from vegetation plots sampled in China Camp State Park salt marsh (northern San Francisco Bay) in 2015, 2016, and 2017. One-meter quadrats (1m x 1m) were analyzed for percent cover of each ...