Post-expedition report for USGS T-3 ice island heat flow measurements in the High Arctic Ocean, 1963-1973

Field activity number 1963-001-FA
Version 1
Area of operation Arctic Ocean (Amerasian Basin), including Canada Basin, Mendeleev Ridge, Alpha Ridge, and Nautilus Basin
Dates 1963-1973
Corresponding scientist Carolyn Ruppel

Suggested citation: Lachenbruch, A.H., Marshall, B.V., and Ruppel, C.D., 2019, Post-expedition report for USGS T-3 Ice Island heat flow measurements in the High Arctic Ocean, 1963-1973: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

Abstract: In February 1963, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) began a study of heat flow in the Arctic Ocean Basin and acquired data at 356 sites in Canada Basin and Nautilus Basin and on Alpha-Mendeleev Ridge by the end of the project in 1973. The USGS heat flow and associated piston coring operations were conducted from a scientific station on the freely drifting T-3 Ice island (also known as Fletcher's Ice Island). The Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (NARL) had established T-3 as a drifting research station in 1962 and, along with the Office of Naval Research, kept it operating continuously until September 28, 1974. The USGS heat flow studies were part of the scientific effort supported by the NARL.

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Previously unpublished report from the 1970s, including heat flow measurements and radiogenic heat determinations in the High Arctic Ocean collected from 1963 to 1973. The report contains both valuable scientific information as well as data.

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Associated Journal Article and ScienceBase data release published 2019:

Journal of Geophysical Research article: Ruppel, C.D., Lachenbruch, A.H., Hutchinson, D.R., Munroe, R., and Mosher, D.C., 2019, Heat flow in the Western Arctic Ocean (Amerasian Basin): Journal of Geophysical Research,

U.S. Geological Survey ScienceBase data release: Ruppel, C.D., Hutchinson, D.H., Lachenbruch, A.H., and Hall, J.K., 2019, Thermal data and navigation for T-3 (Fletcher's) ice island Arctic Ocean heat flow studies, 1963-73: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

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