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Tsunamis and Earthquakes

The December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: Initial Findings on Tsunami Sand Deposits, Damage, and Inundation in Sri Lanka

Damage to Structures


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Panorama from photos taken about 100 m inland at Kalmunai on Sri Lanka's east coast. The USGS logo is centered in the direction of the beach.

Panorama at Kalmunai

Near the two greenish boats in the left portion of the panorama, you might note that the man in the photo looks strange—this is because, while the photos were being taken, he was standing in one picture and kneeling in the other. Splicing the two images together makes him look quite odd!

Also, note that another man, wearing the brown pants and light pinkish beige shirt, appears in this panorama more than once; this is the result of his moving around to be in the picture as two different sections of the panorama were taken. In his second appearance, he also moved his head while the picture was being taken, so his head appears blurry.

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