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This form will search for field activity and data information collected by the Coastal and Marine Science Program. This search uses a combination approach to determine the results. Search results must match all of the selections made. If you select 'sonar/sidescan', then all of the sidescan activities will appear. If you select 'sonar/sidescan' and starting year of '2005' then only the sidescan activities that occur in the year 2005 will appear. The results will appear below the search box and in the map display. Click on the pins in the map display to see more details. If you select 'clear' the form resets all selections and you can start over.

Search Form

Search for Data Type: Biological Field Study (Transect Study, Experiment)
- Experiments (biological)
- Surveys (biological)
Electro-Magnetic (Resistivity, GPR, Magnetics)
- Gravity
- Ground Penetrating Radar
- Magnetics
- Resistivity
Environmental Data (Meteorology, CTD, temperature)
- Chlorophyll
- CO2
- Conductivity
- Current
- Density
- Depth
- Dissolved Oxygen
- Fluorescence
- Gas Hydrates
- Light
- Meteorology
- Methane
- Nitrate
- Nutrients
- Osmometic Pressure
- pH
- Pressure
- Radon
- Sediment Properties
- Temperature
- Tide
- Turbidity
- Wave
Geochemical Field Study (SHARQ, MICA)
- Experiments (geochemical)
- Surveys (geochemical)
Imagery (Photo, Video)
- Other Imagery
- Photo
- Satellite
- Video
Location/Elevation (Profiles, Navigation, Benchmarks, LIDAR)
- Benchmarks
- Navigation
- Profiles
- Transects
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Geology
Seismics (Chirp, boomer, Multichannel)
- Air Gun / Water Gun
- Boomer
- Bubble Gun
- Multichannel
- Ocean Bottom Seismometer
- Sonobuoy
- Sparker
- Sub Bottom Profiler
- Mathematical (model)
- Physical (lab experiment)
Sonar (Bathymetry, Sidescan)
- Interferometric
- Multibeam
- Sidescan
- Single Beam
- Sound Velocity
- Water column reflectivity
Time Series (Moorings)
- Biology Monitoring
- Geochemical Monitoring
- Mooring (physical oceanography)
Visual Identification (Species ID, Ground Truthing)
- Ground Truthing
- Species ID
- Submersible Observations

Select as many as needed.

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If only one year is desired, then enter it in the start year and leave the end year blank

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