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Field Activity Details for field activity 1970-007-FA

Other ID: GOSNOLD 164

Status: Completed

Organization(s): USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

Funding Program(s):

Principal Investigator(s): John S. Schlee

Affiliate Investigator(s):

Information Specialist(s):

Data Type(s): Sampling: Geology, Sampling: Biology, Seismics: Sub Bottom Profiler, Sonar: Single Beam, Location-Elevation: Navigation

Scientific Purpose/Goals: The main purpose was to complete bottom sediment sampling in the nothern quadrangle and to do additional 3.5 kHz seismic profiling as a supplement to those taken in earlier cruises of the GOSNOLD and VERRILL last year.


Start Port/Location: Woods Hole, MA

End Port/Location: Woods Hole, MA

Start Date: 1970-06-10

End Date: 1970-06-16

Equipment Used: Grab sampler - Van Veen , Grab sampler, Echosounder, ORE 140 transceiver/1036 transducer sub-bottom profiler, Dietz-Lafond snapper, Raytheon radar, Loran-A, Visual navigation

Information to be Derived: Grain size analysis;

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: A total of 154 stations were occupied during the seven days at sea. The GOSNOLD steamed a total of 691 miles during which we obtained approximately 600 miles of sonic profiles. Samples were taken 2-4 miles apart and were selected utilizing a 1/40,000 scale bathymetric map of the sea floor compiled by the Coast & Geodetic Survey. Selection was key to a variety of topographic features in the area, some only a few hundred meters across. Despite very complex topography, the type of sediment was restricted to relatively few types - broadly outlining topographic provinces rather than particular features. Sonic profiles showed penetration 20 fms over soft bottom and a multilayered arrangement of reflecting horizons over basins. Some of the reflectors appear to pinch out toward the basin edge or to have an erosional pinch out at the edge.

Staff: John S. Schlee, Robert N. Oldale, Charles J. O'Hara

Affiliate Staff:
David W. Folger - Middlebury College; John Milliman - WHOI; Dan Jipa - Visiting investigator
WHOI; June 14: Robert Doyle - State Geologist
Maine Geological Survey; Art Hussey - Professor of Geology
Bowdoin College

Project = Continental Margin Program, Continental Margin Program


western Gulf of Maine, Jeffreys Ledge, Jeffreys Basin, Casco Bay, Massachusetts Bay, Cape Cod Bay, Stellwagen Bank, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, United States, North America, North Atlantic;

North: 44.46515 South: 41.25 West: -71.543 East: -69


photo of Gosnold


Buczkowski, B.J., and Kelsey, S.A., 2007, Archival policies and collections database for the Woods Hole Science Center's marine sediment samples: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2006-1187, CD-ROM, URL:

Tucholke, B.E., Oldale, R. N., and Hollister, C. D., 1972, Map showing echo-sounding survey (3.5 kHz) of Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays, western Gulf of Maine: U.S. Geological Survey Map I-716, 1 sheet.


Data Acquired

Survey EquipmentSurvey InfoData Type(s)Data Collected
Grab sampler - Van Veen --- Geology
Dietz-Lafond snapper --- Biology
Grab sampler --- Biology
1970-007-FA-SC-001 ( CORE, GRAB samples)
ORE 140 transceiver/1036 transducer sub-bottom profiler --- Sub Bottom Profiler
1970-007-FA-SE-001 ( microfilm of )
Echosounder --- Single Beam
Loran-A --- Navigation
1970-007-FA-LN-001 ( microfilm of )
Visual navigation --- Navigation
Raytheon radar --- Navigation

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