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Field Activity Details for field activity 1986-013-FA


Status: Completed

Organization(s): USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

Funding Program(s):

Principal Investigator(s): John C. Behrendt, Deborah Hutchinson

Affiliate Investigator(s): Alan Green - CSC, U W, SIU, NIU, UWO, Usask

Information Specialist(s):

Data Type(s): Location-Elevation: Navigation, Seismics: Multichannel, Sonar: Single Beam

Scientific Purpose/Goals: Multichannel seismic data over the Great Lakes were acquired by Geophoto Services, Ltd., a Canadian subsidiary of Geophysical Service, Inc., for the U.S. Geological Survey and Geological Survey of Canada as part of the Great Lakes International Multidisciplinary Program of Crustal Evolution (GLIMPCE) to better understand the deep structure and tectonics of the midcontinent rift system and the Grenville tectonic province.


Start Port/Location: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

End Port/Location: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Start Date: 1986-08-31

End Date: 1986-09-24

Equipment Used: 12 kHz, Multichannel seismics, Loran-C, Transit GPS, Sonar Doppler

Information to be Derived: Morphology;

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: 9 CDP multichannel lines: 1370 km (Lake Superior - A, B, B-F link, C, F, and G; Lake Michigan - H; and Lake Huron - I and J).

Staff: John C. Behrendt, Deborah Hutchinson

Affiliate Staff:
Patrick Morel-a-l'Huissier - Geological Survey of Canada; C.P. Spencer - Geological Survey of Canada; Robert P. Meyer - U. Wisconsin-Madison; John Karl - U. Wisconsin-Oshkosh; Patrick Ervin - U. Northern Illinois; John L. Sexton - U. Southern Illinois; Robert F. Mereu - U. Western Ontario; L.D. McGinnis - U.S. DOE; Zoltan Hajnal - U. Saskatchewan

Notes: Original Submitted By field contained: John Behrendt, Debbie Hutchinson.


Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Great Lakes, United States, Canada, North America;

North: 48.9 South: 43.9 West: -90 East: -80


Fred J. Agnich


Agena, W.F., Lee, M.W., Hutchinson, D.R., Behrendt, J.C., Cannon, W.F., and Green, A.G., 1988, 1986 GLIMPCE seismic reflection survey stacked data: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 88-386, 13 p., URL:

Behrendt, J.C., Hutchinson, D.R., Lee, M., Thornber, C.R., Trehu, A., Cannon, W., and Green, A., 1990, GLIMPCE seismic reflection evidence of deep-crustal and upper-mantle intrusions and magmatic underplating associated with the Midcontinent Rift system of North America: Tectonophysics, v. 173 no. 1-4, doi: 10.1016/0040-1951(90)90248-7.

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Hutchinson, D.R., Lee, M. W., Behrendt, J. C., Cannon, W. F., Trehu, A. M., Green, A. G., and Milkereit, B., 1989, Structure and evolution of North American Midcontinent Rift System from GLIMPCE deep seismic data [abs.]: , 28th International Geological Congress, Abstracts. Washington, D.C., 9-19 July 1989, , 2.88 p.

Hutchinson, D.R., Lee, M. W., Behrendt, John, Cannon, W. F., and Green, A. G., 1992, Variations in the reflectivity of the Moho transition zone beneath the Midcontinent Rift System of North America; results from true amplitude analysis of GLIMPCE data: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 97 no. B4, URL:

Hutchinson, D.R., Morel-a-l'Huissier, P., Meyer, H., Asudeh, I., Ervin, P., Hajnal, Z., Karl, J., Mereu, R., Meyer, R., Sexton, J., Spencer, C., and Trehu, A., 1988, A description of GLIMPCE, 1986, large offset seismic experiment from the Great Lakes: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 88-431, 91 p., URL:

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Lee, M.W., Agena, W.F., and Hutchinson, D.R., 1988, Processing of the GLIMPCE multichannel seismic data: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 88-225, 46 p., URL:


Data Acquired

Survey EquipmentSurvey InfoData Type(s)Data Collected
Multichannel seismics --- Multichannel
1986-013-FA-SE-001-05 ( STACK SEGY data)
1986-013-FA-SE-001-04 ( DEMUX SEGY data)
1986-013-FA-SE-001-03 ( Scanned seismic record sections)
1986-013-FA-SE-001-01 ( Paper record section of Lines A, B, C, F, G, H, I, J, )
1986-013-FA-SE-001-02 ( CD ROM disk ofseismic data)
Transit GPS --- Navigation
Sonar Doppler --- Navigation
Loran-C --- Navigation
1986-013-FA-LN-001-03 ( Shotpoint map showing seismic lines.)
1986-013-FA-LN-001-01 ( Modified UKOOA shotpoint navigation file with 2-minute fixes in degrees, minutes, decimal seconds, and northings/eastings.)
12 kHz --- Single Beam

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