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Field Activity Details for field activity 1988-020-FA

Other ID: F-13-88-NC,88020

Status: Completed

Organization(s): USGS, Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center, USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

Funding Program(s):

Principal Investigator(s): Bradford Butman, Dave Cacchione, Dave Drake

Affiliate Investigator(s): Dave Cacchione and Dave Drake, USGS-Menlo Park

Information Specialist(s):

Data Type(s): Sampling: Chemistry, Sampling: Geology, Environmental Data: CTD, Sampling: Biology, Imagery: Photo, Visual Identification: Ground Truthing, Location-Elevation: Navigation, Sonar: Sidescan, Time Series: Mooring (physical oceanography), Environmental Data: Current, Seismics: Sub Bottom Profiler

Scientific Purpose/Goals: This cruise was conducted as a part of the sediment transport component of the MMS California OCS Phase II Monitoring Program. Data were successfully collected during the spring/summer of 1987. This cruise was designed to obtain data during the winter season. The specific objectives were: 1. conduct a sidescan survey at project sites R8, PJ1, and R9; 2. deploy 2 surface guard buoys at each site (R8, PJ1, and R9); 3. deploy 3 subsurface current meter moorings at R8, PJ1, and R9; 4. deploy 2 GEOPROBE tripods at R8 and PJ1; 5. collect box cores for detailed sediment analyses; and 6. collect hydrographic and suspended matter samples.


Start Port/Location: Redwood City, CA and Redwood City, CA and Santa Cruz, CA and San Luis Obispo, CA

End Port/Location: Redwood City, CA and Santa Cruz, CA and San Luis Obispo, CA and Redwood City, CA

Start Date: 1988-12-05

End Date: 1988-12-13

Equipment Used: GEOPROBE, SBE 9 CTD, Sidescan sonar, Gravity corer, Box corer, Camera- deep sea, Mooring tripod, GPS (wh), Loran-C, rangerange, GPS, integratednavigation, RhoRho, sidescansonar, guardbuoy, boxcore, gravitycore, currentmeter, Geoprobe, CTDmeter, 3.5khz, underwatercamera, vectoravg, instrumentmooring

Information to be Derived: Time series data; Samples and chemical analysis; Grain size analysis; Suspended sediment concentrations; Sea floor map;

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: Moorings deployed: 6 (#327, 328, 329, 330, 331, and 332, recovered FA 89004 FARNELLA Feb. 21-28, 1989). CTD stations: 13; Sidescan sonar: 48 km; Box cores: 6 (processed shipboard by WHOI for E. Crycelius, Battelle); Gravity core: 1; Water samples: 33.

Staff: Bradford Butman, Richard Rendigs, William J. Strahle

Affiliate Staff:
USGS Menlo Park: David Cacchione
David Drake
Jim Nicholson
George Tate
Rick Vail
Kevin O'Toole
Corky Ozanne
Kaye Kinoshita
Barbara Seekins
John Gann
and Lida Beth Pickthorn; WHOI: Rosemarie Petrecca and Charlotte Fuller; ONR: Kevin Briggs
Rick Ray; and Giovanni Bortoluzzi (visiting scientist)

Notes: Sediment Transport in Storms (STRESS). SAMPLING PT. SAL, From USGS Eastern Region admincru database... Control # --- 362 PlatformDate ID --- FRNL19881207 Sea Days --- 7 Scientists --- 19 Scientific Days --- 133 WHFC Persons --- 14 WHFC Person Days --- 98 Study Region... Northern East Coast --- N Middle East Coast --- N Southern East Coast --- N Puerto Rico --- N Gulf Coast --- N Virgin Islands --- N

Staff information imported from InfoBank
Dave Cacchione (USGS Western Region) - Chief Scientist
Dave Drake (USGS Western Region) - Chief Scientist



North: 38.68461 South: 34.85722 West: -123.5291 East: -120.71398


photo of Farnella



Data Acquired

Survey EquipmentSurvey InfoData Type(s)Data Collected
GEOPROBE --- Mooring (physical oceanography)
1988-020-FA-OM-002 (STRESS mooring data)
1988-020-FA-OM-001 (CAMP mooring data)
Sidescan sonar --- Sidescan
Gravity corer --- Geology
Box corer --- Biology
Camera- deep sea --- Photo
Mooring tripod --- Ground Truthing
GPS (wh) --- Navigation
Loran-C --- Navigation
rangerange --- Navigation
GPS --- Navigation
integratednavigation --- Navigation
RhoRho --- Navigation
sidescansonar --- Sidescan
guardbuoy --- Mooring (physical oceanography)
boxcore --- Biology
gravitycore --- Geology
currentmeter --- Current
Geoprobe --- Mooring (physical oceanography)
CTDmeter --- CTD
3.5khz --- Sub Bottom Profiler
underwatercamera --- Photo
vectoravg --- Current
instrumentmooring --- Mooring (physical oceanography)

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