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Field Activity Details for field activity 1992-041-FA

Other ID: KIT JONES 92-1, 92-2 and 92-3 (Legs 1, 2 and 3)

Status: Completed

Organization(s): USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

Funding Program(s):

Principal Investigator(s): Dana Wiese

Affiliate Investigator(s): Randy McBride, Louisiana Geological Survey

Information Specialist(s):

Data Type(s): Seismics: Air Gun / Water Gun, Seismics: Boomer, Seismics: Bubble Gun, Seismics: Sparker, Sonar: Single Beam, Seismics: Sub Bottom Profiler, Location-Elevation: Navigation

Scientific Purpose/Goals: To explore for hard mineral resources using high-resolution seismic data and to test new seismic technologies (Elics Delph 1 digital acquisition system).


Start Port/Location: Panama City Marina, Panama City, FL

End Port/Location: Pensacola, FL

Start Date: 1992-07-08

End Date: 1992-07-20

Equipment Used: 3.5 kHz, Seismic reflection, Benthos AQ-4 10-element hydrophone streamer, Innerspace Technology 25-element hydrophone, GeoPulse system, Northstar 6000 LORAN-C, Raytheon DE-719 precision echo sounder, Magellan PRO 1000 GPS, Trimble 4000AX GPS receiver, Odom Digitrace 200kHz, Loran-C

Information to be Derived:

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: Seismic tracklines: 73; Seismic rolls: 25; Fathometer rolls: 20; Cores: 3.


Affiliate Staff:
Randy McBride
Ch. Sci. - Louisiana Geological Survey (LGS); Doug Lockhart
Eng. - Marine Minerals Technology Center (MMTC); Dana Wiese
Elect. Tech. - USGS; Monty Simmons
Captain (Legs 1 and 2) - MMTC; Harold (Lang) Norris
Contracted Mate (Legs 1 and 3) - MMTC; Bob Shelton
Captain (Leg 3)
Mar. Tech. Sup. (Legs 2 and 3) - MMTC.

Notes: Leg 1: July 8-12, 1992; Leg 2: July 13-17, 1992; Leg 3: July 17-20, 1992.


offshore Apalachicola Bay (Legs 1 and 2), offshore Pensacola Bay (Leg 3), Florida, Gulf Shores, Alabama, Cape St. George Shoals, Little St. George Island, Government Cut, Gulf of Mexico, United States, North America, North Atlantic;

North: 30.352 South: 29.248 West: -87.684 East: -84.621


Kit Jones



Data Acquired

Survey EquipmentSurvey InfoData Type(s)Data Collected
Seismic reflection --- Air Gun / Water Gun
Innerspace Technology 25-element hydrophone --- Air Gun / Water Gun
Bubble Gun
Odom Digitrace 200kHz --- Single Beam
GeoPulse system --- Sub Bottom Profiler
3.5 kHz --- Sub Bottom Profiler
Raytheon DE-719 precision echo sounder --- Single Beam
Benthos AQ-4 10-element hydrophone streamer --- Air Gun / Water Gun
Magellan PRO 1000 GPS --- Navigation
Trimble 4000AX GPS receiver --- Navigation
Northstar 6000 LORAN-C --- Navigation
Loran-C --- Navigation

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