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Field Activity Details for field activity 2016-616-FA

AKA: none

Other ID: T116SC

Status: Completed

Organization(s): USGS, Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

Funding Program(s): Coastal and marine earthquake, tsunami, and landslide active margin field studies (ZP00EQV)

Principal Investigator(s): Daniel Brothers

Affiliate Investigator(s): Emily Roland (University of Washington)

Information Specialist(s): Alicia Balster-gee

Data Type(s): Location-Elevation: Navigation, Seismics: Multichannel, Seismics: Sparker

Scientific Purpose/Goals: Collect seismic reflection data in Catalina Basin, targeting the Catalina and San Clemente Faults, and the distal reaches of the San Gabriel Canyon/Channel system.


Start Port/Location: San Diego, CA

End Port/Location: San Diego, CA

Start Date: 2016-02-22

End Date: 2016-02-26

Equipment Used: YoNav, Other, multichannel, Mini sparker

Information to be Derived: Seismic reflection profiles

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: data submitted 3/30/2016; knudsen, MCS, TN339 and YoNav

Staff: Alicia Balster-gee, Daniel Brothers, James Conrad, Amy East, Patrick Hart, Jared Kluesner

Affiliate Staff:



Southern California Inner Borderland

North: 33.69320931 South: 32.642971 West: -119.13 East: -118.10986328


photo of Thomas G Thompson
Thomas G Thompson


Balster-Gee, A.F., Brothers, D.S., Roland, E.C., Kluesner, J.W., Hart, P.E., Conrad, J.E., Myers, E.K., Ebuna, D.R., and Edwards, J.H., 2020, Multichannel minisparker and chirp seismic-reflection data of USGS field activity 2016-616-FA collected in the Catalina Basin offshore southern California in February 2016: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

Dartnell, P., Roland, E.C., Raineault, N.A., Castillo, C.M., Conrad, J.E., Kane, R.R., Brothers, D.S., Kluesner, J.W., and Walton, M.A.L., 2017, Multibeam bathymetry and acoustic-backscatter data collected in 2016 in Catalina Basin, southern California and merged multibeam bathymetry datasets of the northern portion of the Southern California Continental Borderland: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

Walton, M.A.L., Brothers, D.S., Conrad, J.E., Maier, K.L., Roland, E.C., Kluesner, J.W., and Dartnell, P., 2020, Morphology, structure, and kinematics of the San Clemente and Catalina faults based on high-resolution marine geophysical data, southern California Inner Continental Borderland (USA): Geosphere, , URL:


Data Acquired

Survey EquipmentSurvey InfoData Type(s)Data Collected
YoNav --- Navigation
Other --- --- ---
multichannel --- Multichannel
Mini sparker --- Sparker

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