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Field Activity Details for field activity 2016-645-FA

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AKA: none

Other ID: none

Status: Completed

Organization(s): USGS, Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

Funding Program(s): Climate Change Impacts to the U.S. Pacific and Arctic Coasts (ZP00F00)

Principal Investigator(s): Cordell Johnson, Bruce Richmond

Affiliate Investigator(s): Slawek Tulaczyk, UC Santa Cruz

Information Specialist(s): Cordell Johnson

Data Type(s): Electro-Magnetic: Ground Penetrating Radar, Electro-Magnetic: Resistivity, Imagery: Photo, Imagery: Video, Location-Elevation: Navigation, Location-Elevation: Profiles, Sampling: Geology

Scientific Purpose/Goals: Instal theristor arrays, time lapse cameras, collect bluff samples, GPR and ERT transects

Vehicle(s): None

Start Port/Location: Santa Cruz, CA

End Port/Location: Kaktovik, AK

Start Date: 2016-05-20

End Date: 2016-09-30

Equipment Used: drillcore, electricalresistivity, groundpenetratingradar, video, camera, topographic profiling, GPS

Information to be Derived: Temperatureof permafrost, timelapse imagery coastal change, subsurface geology

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: sample locations submitted to FAD 11/15/2016

Staff: Cordell Johnson, Other

Affiliate Staff:

Notes: The permafrost samples we collected during our May sampling were collected using a gas powered hammer drill with 1.5" auger and 1.25" core drill attachments. We sampled at 0.5m increments to a depth of 3-8 meters depending on the site.

Entries for this field activity are based on entries from Field Activity AK 2015-624-FA

Field work in 2 phases, late May 2016, Late Sept 2016

Images from 2016 and 2017 archived under this FAN.


Coastal bluffs of Barter Island N-slope Alaska

North: 70.1348118 South: 70.1252243 West: -143.74 East: -143.58416138


photo of Airplane


Gibbs, A.E., Nolan, M., and Snyder, A.G., 2019, Orthophotomosaics, elevation point clouds, digital surface elevation models and supporting data from the north coast of Barter Island, Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey data release.


Data Acquired

Survey EquipmentSurvey InfoData Type(s)Data Collected
drillcore --- Geology
electricalresistivity --- Resistivity
groundpenetratingradar --- Ground Penetrating Radar
video --- Video
camera --- Photo
topographic profiling --- Profiles
GPS --- Navigation

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