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Field Activity Details for field activity 2017-665-FA

AKA: none

Other ID: none

Status: Cancelled

Organization(s): Other

Funding Program(s): Probabilistic Forecasting of Earthquakes and Earthquake Effects (ZP00ERB)

Principal Investigator(s): Stephanie Ross

Affiliate Investigator(s): PI is David Clague (MBARI). Only USGS investigator is Stephanie Ross. Affiliate investigators include Jim McClain (UC Davis), Robert Zierenberg (UC Davis), and Jenny Paduan (MBARI),

Information Specialist(s): Stephanie Ross

Data Type(s): Location-Elevation: Navigation

Scientific Purpose/Goals: To study hydrothermal fields and associated biota on the Gorda Ridge, including changes to the extent, geochemistry, and temperature of the fields.

Vehicle(s): None

Start Port/Location: Moss Landing, CA

End Port/Location: Moss Landing, CA

Start Date: 2017-08-13

End Date: 2017-08-27

Equipment Used: navigation

Information to be Derived: Changes to the extent, geochemistry, and activity level of hydrothermal fields on the Gorda Ridge.

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: USGS will not be the primary repository of data; see MBARI for data

Staff: Stephanie Ross

Affiliate Staff:

Notes: Field activity cancelled due to cracks in hull of vessel.
This activity will not result in any data. This operation is only for personnel support for Activity MBARI GORDA2017. MBARI is the lead organization. The Principal Investigator is David Clague of MBARI; the only USGS participant is Stephanie Ross. MBARI is also the lead funding organization; USGS is funding travel for Stephanie Ross.

This work is a follow-on to a similar research cruise with MBARI in 2016 (Field Activity 2016-657-FA). Bad weather on the 2016 cruise stopped us from working on the Gorda Ridge; this 2017 cruise will tackle that missed work.

Depending on the weather, the cruise will start between 8/13 and 8/17. The plan is for 11 days of work, returning between 8/23 and 8/27.


Gorda Ridge (SESCA, MESCA, NESCA, GR-14 and SeaCliff sites) Pacific Ocean

North: 51.90022347 South: 40.33450832 West: -135.7031 East: -123.27149038


photo of Western Flyer
Western Flyer



Data Acquired

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