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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2005-1001
USGS East-Coast Sediment Analysis: Procedures, Database, and GIS Data



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TYPE: Main program


PURPOSE: To archive the raw Rapid Sediment Analyzer (RSA) and Electro-Resistance Multichhannel Particle-Size Analyzer (EMPSA) data into master files subsequently used by the processing programs. SEDITY2K also examines, edits, and generates additional hard copies of these records.


OPERATING SYSTEM: DOS version 3.0 or later, or DOS under Windows 3.1/95/98








INPUT: RSA and EMPSA raw data records, which are stored to disk during operation of the RSA2000 and CLTRMS2K programs, are input into files accessed by SEDITY2K.


OUTPUT: Master files of raw RSA and EMPSA data records stored to disk or a hard copy of the raw-data records. Note: the first line of each master file is a user-supplied project identifier that must be removed before the sorting routines are applied.


USAGE: To use the program from DOS, change to the working directory and type SEDITY2K


To use the program from Windows 95/98, access it from the file manager or the Run command

The user is prompted for which raw data records (RSA, EMPSA, or both) are to be accessed. Operations performed by the program are listed in and selected from the main menu. When a number 1 through 7 is entered, the operator can use that utility to perform the corresponding task.

In the Display or Print mode, the user can scroll through the list of logged records. This list is composed of Lab Numbers and letters (O: open, D: deleted, or A: assigned) designating the records present status.

When options 3 or 4 are selected, the Assign and Edit/Display Mode menu appears and the data records scroll up from the bottom. The records may be scroll as in the Display or Print modes, but, when O, D, or A commands are given, the indicated record is tagged for that respective operation.

When the Edit command (E) is given, the raw data record for the corresponding Lab Number appears. The user is then prompted for editing commands.

When all raw data records in the SEDITY2K files have been written to Master files or deleted, the K key will permanently remove these records from disk.


SEE ALSO:  This program requires and/or generates the following associated data files. The files contain only ASCII (viewable) data and reside in the same directories (folders) as the associated executable. There are no required initialization files.


CLTR.DAT -- The user will specify the data file name and location.


CLTR.NDX -- The program will modify the index file as appropriate to the tasks performed.


RSA.DAT -- The user will specify the data file name and location.


RSA.DAT -- The program will modify the index file as appropriate to the tasks performed.


SEDXFER.DAT -- The program will create a new data transfer file.


SEDXFER.OLD -- Before rewriting the transfer file, the program will archive the last transfer file in case of problems.


AUTHOR:  Eliason Data Services

                     Mashpee, MA 02649



                                 U.S. Geological Survey

                                 Woods Hole, MA 02543

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