Field Activity 1998-014-FA

Identifier 1998-014-FA
Alternate names CRLS-98014
Purpose High-resolution seismic reflection survey of the Columbia River Estuary and Willapa Bay, and bathymetry and video/sediment sampling of the SW Washington and NW Oregon inner shelf.
Location Columbia River Estuary, Willapa Bay, Washington/Oregon inner shelf, Washington, United States, North America, North Pacific;
Summary Sidescan and seismic data were collected in separate places. 117 km of sidescan and bathymetry were collected on 18 lines, and 144 km of boomer or sparker data were collected on 14 lines.
Comments Original Center People field contained: Dave Twichell - chief scientist, Kenneth Parolski - technical support, VeeAnn Cross - data processing and data support. Project = SW Washington Coastal Erosion, SW Washington Coastal Erosion Information from Foghorn: P-code and DGPS navigation;Video grab sampler with winch;EG&G side scan with short cable, ISIS;Boomer and sparker with Benthos streamer, ELICS;sidemount 3.5-kHz/bathymetry, EPC 9800;Workstation and printer for seismics and sidescan;CD-ROM data archival;
Related activities
1997-007-FA: Project
56 feet long patrol boat.
Start Westport, WA 1998-08-25
End Westport, WA 1998-09-15
Days in the field 21
West -124.5
East -123.25
North 47.2
South 46


384 Woods Hole Road
Quissett Campus
Woods Hole, MA02543-1598
(508) 548-8700
Principal investigators David C Twichell
Crew members
David C Twichell
Scientist, Staff
VeeAnn Atnipp Cross
Scientist, Staff
Parolski, Kenneth F.
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
VeeAnn Atnipp Cross
Specialist, Information
Affiliate staff Curt Peterson, Portland State University

Data types and categories

Data category: Biological Field Study, Imagery, Location-Elevation, Sampling, Seismics, Sonar, Visual Identification
Data type: Experiments (biological), Surveys (biological), Photo, Video, Navigation, Biology, Geology, Air Gun / Water Gun, Boomer, Sparker, Sub Bottom Profiler, Sidescan, Species ID

Documents: Notes and log books

Name Description
NAVIGATION LOG Notes on operation of navigation systems used. Includes personnel list.
SESMIC/GEOPHYSICS LOG Operational notes concerning operation of the seismic sources (sparker and boomer) and receivers.

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
SeaBOSS Surveys (biological), Experiments (biological), Species ID, Photo, Video, Geology, Biology 5
Boomer The sound sourced used with the Benthos streamer when the surveying moved up the Columbia River into fresh water. Boomer (no data reported)
Sparker The sound source used with the Benthos streamer where the water was salty enough for the system to work appropriately. Sparker (no data reported)
Benthos AQ-4 10-element hydrophone streamer Air Gun / Water Gun, Boomer, Sparker 5
3.5 kHz Sub Bottom Profiler 1
DGPS Navigation (no data reported)
Edgetech DF-1000 sidescan sonar Sidescan 3


Datasets produced in this activity

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
1998-014-FA-PH-001 SeaBOSS 35mm photo negatives and prints for grab sampling operations taken by SeaBOSS: 7 rolls. David C Twichell
1998-014_Video_grabimages SeaBOSS Collection of digitized frames of video imagery taken of the seafloor (JPEG format). The video camera was mounted to the frame of the grab sampler. VeeAnn Atnipp Cross
botphoto SeaBOSS Collection of scanned 35-mm negatives of still photos (JPEG format) taken of the seafloor immediately prior to collecting a sediment sample. The still camera was mounted on the frame of the grab sampler. VeeAnn Atnipp Cross
digphoto SeaBOSS Collection of digital photographs (JPEG format) taken of the sediment grab samples after the sampler was secured on the deck of the ship. VeeAnn Atnipp Cross
grabsamp SeaBOSS Contains the sediment sample locations as well as analyses information for the grab samples collected on the CRLS98014 cruise. VeeAnn Atnipp Cross
1998-014-FA-SE-001 Benthos AQ-4 10-element hydrophone streamer Raw boomer seismic data David S Foster
1998-014-FA-SE-002 Benthos AQ-4 10-element hydrophone streamer Raw 'P' seismic data David S Foster
1998-014-FA-SE-003 Benthos AQ-4 10-element hydrophone streamer Raw Sparker seismic data David S Foster
Boomer seismic data Benthos AQ-4 10-element hydrophone streamer Boomer SEG-Y data served from CMGDS. Linda P McCarthy
Sparker seismic data Benthos AQ-4 10-element hydrophone streamer Sparker SEG-Y data served from CMGDS. Linda P McCarthy
3.5 kHz subbottom data 3.5 kHz Subbottom SEG-Y data on CMGDS. Linda P McCarthy
1998-014-FA-SO-001 Edgetech DF-1000 sidescan sonar Digital tape(s) of SSS l1, SSS l2-4, SSS l5-7, SSS l8-9, SSS l10-11, SSS l12-14, SSS l15-16, SSS l29, SSS l33, Nancy K. Soderberg
1998-014-FA-SO-002 Edgetech DF-1000 sidescan sonar CD ROM disk of RAW QMIPS Nancy K. Soderberg
Enhanced Sidescan images Edgetech DF-1000 sidescan sonar Enhanced lines of sidescan imagery (since no mosaic was attempted), with a resolution of 2 m/pixel. Linda P McCarthy


Samples collected during this field activity