Field Activity 2014-322-FA

Identifier 2014-322-FA
Alternate names 14CTB02
Purpose Hurricane Sandy supplemental funding project GS-2A (Wetland Physical Change) - Characterize the surficial sediment of washover fans and back-barrier marshes and integrate data into vulnerability assessments. Estuarine Physical Response project - Collect and analyze surficial sediment for integration into estuarine model and establish a baseline dataset for future response scenarios.
Location Chincoteague Bay, Assateague Island, MD and VA
Summary 67 surface grab samples, 48 sand auger sites, 39 trenches, 40 estuarine grabs, and 10.5 line-km GPR data (44 lines).
Info derived Sediment characterization (physical parameters - grain size, organic content, bulk density, radiochemistry, foraminiferal analysis)
Comments R/V Mako used for estuarine sampling.
Mako (SP)
17' Mako
Excursion - White
White Dodge Pickup - White
Start Ocean City, MD 2014-10-18
End Chincoteague Bay Field Station, VA 2014-10-31
West -77.5635
East -74.72851563
North 39.48602511
South 37.0239427


600 Fourth Street South
St. Petersburg, FL33701-4846
(727) 502-8000
Principal investigators Christopher G Smith
Crew members
Marci E Marot
Scientist, Staff
Julie C Bernier
Scientist, Staff
Alisha M Ellis
Scientist, Staff
Cathryn J Wheaton
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
Arnell S Forde
Specialist, Information
Julie C Bernier
Specialist, Information
Christopher G Smith
Specialist, Information

Data types and categories

Data category: Electro-Magnetic, Environmental Data, Imagery, Location-Elevation, Sampling
Data type: Ground Penetrating Radar, Conductivity, Depth, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, pH, Temperature, Photo, Benchmarks, Navigation, Geology

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar 2
Other Unknown, Meteorology, CTD, Temperature, pH, CO2, Radon, Conductivity, Current, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Fluorescence, Wave, ORP, Tide, Methane, Depth, Light, Nitrate, Gas Hydrates, Density, Sediment Properties, Osmometic Pressure, Chlorophyll, Nutrients, Pressure (no data reported)
YSI Professional Plus multiparameter meter Conductivity, Depth, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate, ORP, pH, Temperature (no data reported)
Digital Camera Photo, Video (no data reported)
Ashtech Z-Xtreme DGPS Benchmarks, Navigation 2
Choke Ring Antenna Benchmarks, Navigation (no data reported)
Garmin GPS Navigation 2
Core Barrels Geology (no data reported)
Peat Corer Biology, Geology 5
Grab Sampler Biology, Geology 6
Push Corer Geology (no data reported)


Datasets produced in this activity

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
2014-322-FA_GPR_ASCII_Raw_Data Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Raw data from ground penetrating radar Julie C Bernier
2014-322-FA_GPR_Profile_Images Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Ground penetrating radar profile images Julie C Bernier
2014-322-FA_GPR_DGPS_data Ashtech Z-Xtreme DGPS Navigation data for ground penetrating radar files Julie C Bernier
2014-322-FA_GPR_KML_files Ashtech Z-Xtreme DGPS Spatial data for ground penetrating radar files Julie C Bernier
2014-322-FA-NL-pd-1 Garmin GPS Site Information of Surficial Sediment Alisha M Ellis
2014-322-FA-NL-pd-2 Garmin GPS Sample locations, Water quality parameters Christopher G Smith
2014-322-FA-pd-2 Peat Corer Alpha spectroscopy data Christopher G Smith
2014-33-FA-SA-pd-1 Peat Corer Grain size data Christopher G Smith Grab Sampler 14CTB02 (Fall) G and S normalized foraminiferal counts Alisha M Ellis Grab Sampler 14CTB02 (Fall) G and S raw foraminiferal counts Alisha M Ellis Grab Sampler 14CTB inner shelf G raw and normalized foraminiferal counts Alisha M Ellis
2014-322-FA-SA-pd-1 Grab Sampler Chincoteague Bay surface sediment physical parameters data Alisha M Ellis
2014-322-FA-SA-pd-2 Grab Sampler particle size analysis results summary from Chincoteague Bay Alisha M Ellis
2014-322-FA-SA-pd-3 Grab Sampler shear stress data Alisha M Ellis

Datasets compiled from multiple sources

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
14CTB_SandAugers_logs Peat Corer Core logs Julie C Bernier
14CTB_SandAugers_xrays Peat Corer Core x-radiographs Julie C Bernier
14CTB_SandAugers_SumStats Peat Corer Grain-size summary statistics Julie C Bernier

Datasets not currently associated with specific equipment

Dataset name Description Dataset contact
14CTB_SandAugers_sites Sample locations Julie C Bernier


Samples collected during this field activity