Field Activity B108SC

Identifier B108SC
Alternate names B-1-08-SC
Also known as B0108SC
Purpose This cruise aboard the Ocean Survey Vessel (OSV) Bold, a cooperative effort between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), is comprised of six integrated components; 1-4 (cancelled/postponed) 5 and 6 during this field activity. 1) seafloor sampling (box corer) at three EPA disposal sites to confirm the quality and cleanliness of disposed materials, 2) seafloor sampling (box corer) at five offshore southern California Borderland deepwater basins in support of a mass balance study of discharged tDDT, 3) seafloor sampling (box corer) on the mainland shelf near the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County (LACSD) ocean outfall at Whites Point to investigate porewater sampling protocols, 4) seafloor sampling (box corer) at EPA disposal sites and in deepwater offshore basins to collect biological voucher samples 5) collection of high-resolution seismic-reflection profiles offshore of Huntington Beach, CA to assess neotectonic activity (recency of fault motion and potential for tectonic-related hazards), and (6) seafloor sampling (gravity corer) to age-date recency of fault motion identified in (5) above and to support sediment transport studies.
Description United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California,Environmental Protection Agency Region 9. Chief Scientists: Holly Ryan, USGS, Jamie Conrad, USGS, Doug Pabst, EPA, Allan Ota, EPA. Seismic data (sparker, Chirp, Differential GPS, Yonav) of field activity B-1-08-SC in Southern California Borderland including: San Diego Trough, and San Pedro Basin from 04/28/2008 to 05/05/2008
Location and San Pedro Basin
Info derived recency of fault motion, age dating, stratigraphy/sedimentology
Comments Edwards/Lee sampling leg cancelled; Ryan/Conrad geophysical leg now B-1-08-SC Staff information imported from InfoBank Amy Wagner (EPA, R9, , Chemist) Doug Pabst (EPA, R2, , Chief Scientist) Allan Ota (EPA, R9, , Co, chief scientist) Don Cadien (LACSD, , Biologist) Brad Carkin (USGS, MP, , MSCL technician) Jamie Conrad (USGS, MP, , Navigator) Pete Dartnell (USGS, MP, , Marine Geologist) Brian Edwards (USGS, MP, , Watch Leader/Co, Lead Scientist) Robert Eganhouse (USGS, Reston, , Chemist) Tim Elfers (USGS, MP, , Marine Technician) John Gann (USGS, MP, , Electronics Technician) Gary Hopkins (, Chemist) - Stanford Homa Lee (USGS, MP, , Watch Leader/Co, Lead Scientist) Terry Lerch (USGS, Reston, , Chemist) Bill Orem (USGS, Reston, , Chemist) Kevin O'Toole (USGS, MP, , Marine Technician, Lead, ) Carol Reiss (USGS, MP, , Navigator/FACS) Mike Torresan (USGS, MP, , Marine Geologist)
Start (port not specified) 2008-04-28
End (port not specified) 2008-05-05
West -118.558
East -117.15503
North 33.68022
South 32.57446
Activity Seismic


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)
2885 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA95060
(831) 460-7401
Principal investigators James E ConradHolly Ryan
Crew members
Peter Dartnell
Scientist, Staff
Michael E Torresan
Scientist, Staff
Carol A Reiss
Scientist, Staff
James E Conrad
Scientist, Staff
Timothy C Elfers
Scientist, Staff
Bradley A Carkin
Scientist, Staff
Homa J Lee
Scientist, Staff
Brian D Edwards
Scientist, Staff
Cadien, Don
Scientist, Staff
Eganhouse, Robert
Scientist, Staff
Gann, John
Scientist, Staff
O'Toole, Kevin
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
James E Conrad
Specialist, Information
Affiliate principal Doug Pabst (EPA, R2, , Chief Scientist), Allan Ota
Affiliate staff Amy Wagner (EPA, R9, , Chemist),Allan Ota (EPA, R9, , Co, chief scientist),Gary Hopkins (, Chemist) - Stanford,Terry Lerch (USGS, Reston, , Chemist),Bill Orem (USGS, Reston, , Chemist)

Data types and categories

Data category: Location-Elevation, Seismics
Data type: Navigation, Boomer, Sparker

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
Chirp Boomer 3
Differential GPS Navigation 2
sparker Sparker 3
Yonav Navigation (no data reported)


Datasets produced in this activity

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
Chirp seismic data Chirp data on CMGDS Ray W Sliter
highres.chirp Chirp Metadata James E Conrad
Seismic FFID/Shot/CDP data Chirp Provisional best file James E Conrad
Best file with nav in ArcInfo E00 format Differential GPS Arc Files James E Conrad
Global positioning system (GPS) data Differential GPS Provisional best file James E Conrad
Minisparker seismic-reflection data collected between Huntington Beach and San Diego, offshore of southern California sparker This dataset includes raw and processed, high-resolution seismic-reflection data collected in 2008 to collect information on active offshore faults. The survey area is offshore southern California between Huntington Beach and San Diego. The data were collected aboard the R/V Bold. The seismic-reflection data were acquired using a SIG 2mille minisparker. Subbottom acoustic penetration spanned tens to several hundreds of meters, variable by location. Ray W Sliter
Seismic FFID/Shot/CDP data sparker Provisional best file James E Conrad
Sparker seismic data sparker data on CMGDS Ray W Sliter


Samples collected during this field activity