Field Activity O399MB

Identifier O399MB
Alternate names O-3-99-MB
Purpose Piston core
Description Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Chief Scientists: Homa Lee, Charlie Paull. Piston Coring data (pistoncore) of field activity O-3-99-MB in Pt. Sur, Monterey Canyon, California from 06/25/1999 to 06/29/1999
Location California
Summary We took a total of 25 piston cores for MBARI in three different environments: a heavily pockmarked area off Big Sur, a feature identified as "Smooth Ridge" in western Monterey Bay, and the head of Monterey Canyon. We experienced the worst sea conditions of our cruises during this time and lost about one day of work. The remainder of the time was very successful, however, providing plenty of sample to use in collaborative studies of sedimentology and geochemistry. The last day of our field work was spent in Monterey Bay taking eight box cores for Jon Kolak. Roger Lewis will be using Pb-210 methods to determine accumulation rates, and Jon will be looking at geochemical tracers to estimate the original source of the sediment.
Comments Staff information imported from InfoBank Homa Lee (USGS Western Region) - Chief Scientist Charlie Paull (MBARI) - Chief Scientist
Ocean Olympic
Start (port not specified) 1999-06-25
End (port not specified) 1999-06-29
West -122.982
East -119.20618
North 36.95028
South 34.09543
Activity Piston Coring


Moss Landing, CA95039
Principal investigators Homa J Lee
Crew members
Affiliate principal Charlie Paull (MBARI)

Data types and categories

Data category: Location-Elevation, Sampling, Sonar
Data type: Navigation, Geology, Single Beam

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
GPS Navigation 4
pistoncore Geology 1
bathymetry Single Beam 5



Samples collected during this field activity