Field Activity 08CRD01

Identifier 08CRD01
Alternate names Program: TFME
Purpose The goal of the study is to examine the process of herbivory in Virgin Islands National Park, and to conduct experiments (to be conducted in Brewer's Bay, St. Thomas) on the impacts of nuisance macroalgae on coral recruitment. We will be surveying sites on St. John, both inside and outside of the newly established "no-take" Coral Reef Monument so that changes in trophic structure and herbivory rates resulting from protection from all fishing can be evaluated over time.
Location U.S. Virgin Islands
Info derived Percent cover of macrophytes, abundance and size of herbivorous fishes, density of herbivorous sea urchins, estimates of grazing intensity, rugosity of the substratum, percent live coral cover, and percent cover by other invertebrates.
Comments Platform: small vessels.
Start Brewer 2008-05-30
End Cruz Bay, St. John 2008-06-13
West -65.2574
East -63.873066
North 18.18260499
South 17.09711012
Topic 88


600 Fourth Street South
St. Petersburg, FL33701-4846
(727) 502-8000
Principal investigators Ilsa B Kuffner
Crew members
Hickey, T
Scientist, Staff
Ilsa B Kuffner
Scientist, Staff
Affiliate principal Valerie J. Paul, Teresa Turner, Linda J. Walters

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