Field Activity 1990-008-FA

Identifier 1990-008-FA
Alternate names ERDA-90-1, LEG 1 LAKE BELTO
Purpose Shakedown, collect nearshore high-resolution seismics as part of ongoing coastal geologic framework studies in state cooperative projects.
Location Terrebonne Bay, Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico, United States, North America, North Atlantic;
Summary 6 rolls seismic data; 18 magnetic data tapes for entire cruise (all legs).
Comments Also see Field Activities 90009 and 90011. Project = MS-AL-USGS Co-op, MS-AL-USGS Co-op
Related activities
1990-009-FA: Cruise leg
1990-011-FA: Cruise leg
1990-300-FA: Multi-center
Length 24 feet.
Start LUMCON, Cocodrie, LA 1990-06-11
End LUMCON, Cocodrie, LA 1990-06-12
Days in the field 1
West -91
East -90
North 29.5
South 29


384 Woods Hole Road
Quissett Campus
Woods Hole, MA02543-1598
(508) 548-8700
Principal investigators David R Nichols
Crew members
David R Nichols
Scientist, Staff
Affiliate principal Jack Kindinger, USGS; Shea Penland, LGS
Affiliate staff Lyle McGinnis, Argonne National Labs, DOE

Data types and categories

Data category: Seismics, Location-Elevation
Data type: Boomer, Navigation

Documents: Notes and log books

Name Description
Cruise report Chief Scientist's cruise report including personnel, equipment, tabulated information, trackmap, and memorandum referring to related activities. (90008, 90009, 90011)

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
GeoPulse uniboom Boomer (no data reported)
Benthos AQ-4 10-element hydrophone streamer Air Gun / Water Gun, Boomer, Sparker 1
GPS (wh) Navigation (no data reported)
Loran-C Navigation (no data reported)


Datasets produced in this activity

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
1990-008-FA-SE-001 Benthos AQ-4 10-element hydrophone streamer analog tape of seismic data Nancy K. Soderberg


Samples collected during this field activity