Field Activity 1990-045-FA

Identifier 1990-045-FA
Alternate names ERDA-90-3
Location Louisiana, United States, North America, North Atlantic;
Info derived Morphology;
Comments Information derived from schedule - no pre-cruise or post-cruise report.
Length 24 feet.
Start Cocodrie, LA 1990-11-05
End Cocodrie, LA 1990-11-16
Days in the field 12
West -95
East -88
North 33.5
South 28


384 Woods Hole Road
Quissett Campus
Woods Hole, MA02543-1598
(508) 548-8700
Principal investigators S. Jeffress Williams
Crew members
Affiliate principal Shea Penland (LGS)

Data types and categories

Data category: Seismics, Location-Elevation
Data type: Boomer, Navigation

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
GeoPulse uniboom Boomer (no data reported)
Single channel hydrophone Air Gun / Water Gun, Boomer, Bubble Gun, Sparker, Sub Bottom Profiler (no data reported)
Loran-C Navigation (no data reported)
GPS (wh) Navigation (no data reported)


Samples collected during this field activity