Field Activity 2008-001-FA

Identifier 2008-001-FA
Alternate names M-1-08-NR
Purpose Map Diamond Shoals, NC.
Location Diamond Shoals, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, United States, North America, North Atlantic;
Summary Research cruise. Collected multichannel seismic data (watergun source), high-resolution sub-bottom (CHIRP and boomer), sidescan sonar, and interferometric bathymetry and backscatter.
Info derived Sea floor map; Bathymetric maps;
Comments Outbound travel day 22 June. First mobilization day 23 June. Return travel day 12 July. GPS reference station being surveyed in under field activity 08019, April 2008. Project = Carolinas: Sediment Transport, Carolinas: Sediment Transport
100 feet
Start Atlantic Beach, NC 2008-06-22
End Atlantic Beach, NC 2008-07-11
Days in the field 19
West -76.6
East -75.1
North 35.3
South 34.3


384 Woods Hole Road
Quissett Campus
Woods Hole, MA02543-1598
(508) 548-8700
Principal investigators E. Robert Thieler
Crew members
William W Danforth
Scientist, Staff
Emily Himmelstoss
Scientist, Staff
E. Robert Thieler
Scientist, Staff
Thomas F O'Brien
Scientist, Staff
David S Foster
Scientist, Staff
Emile Bergeron
Scientist, Staff
Philip J Bernard
Scientist, Staff
Charles R Worley
Scientist, Staff
Berube, Patrick
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
William W Danforth
Specialist, Information

Data types and categories

Data category: Imagery, Location-Elevation, Seismics, Sonar
Data type: Photo, Navigation, Air Gun / Water Gun, Sub Bottom Profiler, Interferometric, Multibeam, Boomer, Sidescan, Multichannel

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
Multichannel seismics Multichannel (no data reported)
Sidescan sonar Sidescan (no data reported)
Boomer Boomer (no data reported)
SEA SWATHplus-M 234 kHz Interferometric (no data reported)
Real Time Kinematic GPS Navigation (no data reported)
Edgetech chirp subbottom profiler 512i Sub Bottom Profiler 1
Water gun (wh) Air Gun / Water Gun (no data reported)
Digital camera Photo (no data reported)
Single channel hydrophone Air Gun / Water Gun, Boomer, Bubble Gun, Sparker, Sub Bottom Profiler (no data reported)


Datasets compiled from multiple sources

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
isopach_modsand_NC_innershelf Edgetech chirp subbottom profiler 512i Isopach grid of the modern marine sand above the top of Pleistocene surface along the inner shelf from Virginia border to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina (modsand, ESRI binary grid, 100 m cellsize, UTM Zone 18N, WGS 84) E. Robert Thieler


Samples collected during this field activity