Field Activity 2016-340-FA

Identifier 2016-340-FA
Purpose We are testing SBB side mount on the R/V Jabba Jaw.
Location Tampa Bay, FL and Vicinity
Summary Single Beam data was collected using two different mounting locations on the R/V Jabba Jaw to determine which is best for quality data acquisition
Info derived The purpose of this testing is to understand the capabilities and limitations of single beam bathymetric acquisition.
Comments This is not an actual field activity but a test of field equipment prior to deployment and data collection; therefore, the Research Topic of TST (short for Test) was assigned. Alternate names: 16TST01
Twin Vee (Jabba Jaw)
22-ft Twin Vee This boat has a carrying capacity of up to 1500 pounds and up to 7 people and a shallow draft (9 inches empty). This boat's cat hull design results in a smoother ride in choppy water, at the expense of a slightly deeper draft. This boat is powered by two Yamaha 70hp motors.
Start USGS St. Pete / Deamons Landing Marina 2016-05-31
End USGS St. Pete/ Deamons Landing Marina 2016-05-31
West -83.0772
East -82.26417861
North 28.07918301
South 27.39142425
Marine operations Yes


600 Fourth Street South
St. Petersburg, FL33701-4846
(727) 502-8000
Principal investigators Christopher D Reich
Crew members
Nancy T DeWitt
Scientist, Staff
Kyle W Kelso
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
Nancy T DeWitt
Specialist, Information
Kyle W Kelso
Specialist, Information

Data types and categories

Data category: Location-Elevation, Sonar
Data type: Benchmarks, Navigation, Single Beam

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
TSS DMS-05 Motion Sensor This instrument did not collet individual files; rather it was streaming boat motion (heave, roll, and pitch) via the TSS320.dll driver into the HYPACK acquisition software. The strings of data are time stamped and located in the RAW HYPACK files. Example of data string: HCP 0 40073.584 -0.020 1.680 3.110. Interferometric, Single Beam (no data reported)
Single-beam Acoustic Sounder Please refer to OCOM-Echotrac CV-100 Single Beam (no data reported)
ODOM-Echotrac CV-100 This instrument did not collect individual files; rather it was streaming depth below transducer via the OdomCV_3.dlldriver into the HYPACK acquisition software. Single Beam (no data reported)
Ashtech ProFlex 800 GNSS Receiver Raw GPS files collected using the Ashtech ProFlex 800 GNSS receivers. Satellite signals were received via the Choke ring antennas for the base stations and the boat. A NMEA GGA data string was streaming from the GPS receiver into HYAPCK acquisition software via the GPS.dll driver providing navigation data. Benchmarks, Navigation (no data reported)
Choke Ring Antenna The satellite L1/L2 signals were received via the Ashtech choke-ring antennas for the base station and the boat. The Ashtech ProFlex 800 GNSS receivers interpret the signals and record the information as binary files. 317 MB Benchmarks, Navigation (no data reported)


Samples collected during this field activity