Donated data 2017-301-DD

Identifier 2017-301-DD
Data provider Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Location Little Manatee River, Florida
Summary Russian peat borer was used to collect one sediment core each in (A) mangroves, (B) marsh, and (C) transition between marsh and mangroves (total of 3 cores). Small subsamples of each sediment core were taken from 3-5cm below the surface for DNA extraction. Sediment temperature, pore water salinity, and sediment pH data were collected for each core.
Info derived Metagenomes
Start (port not specified) 2017-01-05
End (port not specified) 2017-01-05
West -82.45
East -82.45
North 27.69
South 27.69


Crew members
Information specialist(s)
Christina A Kellogg
Specialist, Information

Data types and categories

Data category: Environmental Data, Sampling
Data type: Conductivity, pH, Temperature, Biology

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
Other Unknown, Meteorology, CTD, Temperature, pH, CO2, Radon, Conductivity, Current, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Fluorescence, Wave, ORP, Tide, Methane, Depth, Light, Nitrate, Gas Hydrates, Density, Sediment Properties, Osmometic Pressure, Chlorophyll, Nutrients, Pressure (no data reported)
PH Probe pH (no data reported)
Refractometer - Salinity Conductivity (no data reported)
Peat Corer Biology, Geology (no data reported)


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