Field Activity 2017-606-FA

Identifier 2017-606-FA
Purpose Collect suspended-sediment samples from a bridge-mounted sampling station on the San Lorenzo River (pedestrian bridge between Water St and Soquel Ave), opposite the downtown Trader Joe's. We intend to sample every hour or two (more often on the highest flows) throughout rainfall events as part of a multi year study of how antecedent conditions affect coastal watershed sediment yield in this area.
Location San Lorenzo River, Santa Cruz, CA
Summary Collected 384 water samples between water-years 2009 and 2024 that were processed at CA Water Science Center field station in Santa Cruz for suspended-sediment concentration and sand break.
Info derived suspended sediment/sediment transport in river
Comments Data spanned the wettest water-year on record for the San Lorenzo watershed.
on foot
walking survey, generally with GPS backpack
Start none 2008-11-02
End none 2024-09-30
West -122.09518433
East -121.98410034
North 37.02667673
South 36.95533083
Marine operations Yes


2885 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA95060
(831) 460-7401
Principal investigators Amy East
Crew members
Andrew C Ritchie
Scientist, Staff
Amy East
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
Andrew C Ritchie
Specialist, Information

Data types and categories

Data category: Location-Elevation, Sampling
Data type: Navigation, Geology

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Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
GPS Navigation (no data reported)
samples Biology, Chemistry, Geology 1


Datasets produced in this activity

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
Suspended sediment concentration (SSC) from 2008 to 2019 samples Suspended-sediment concentrations are reported in mg/L for water samples collected from the San Lorenzo River during the rainy seasons from 2008 to 2019. Samples were collected during 2-, 5- and 10-year flood events. Pamela L Swarzenski


Samples collected during this field activity