Donated data 2018-629-DD

Identifier 2018-629-DD
Alternate names B-1-48-SF, B-1-55-SF, BAY_TOLL_XING_2001, C2001, C101, C4019, C5002, C5007
Also known as Bay_toll_Xing
Data provider State of California Division of Highways
Location San Francisco Bay
Summary borings collected; samples described by Brian Atwater and others; diatom species listed.
Info derived borings collected; proposed bridge bay crossings; C-14, organism/fossil identification
Comments Mary McGann inherited samples and documents from Brian Atwater (USGS). Some samples have been processed by Doris Sloan (former USGS). Borehole location map in Doris Sloan's dissertation - Ecostratigraphic study of Sangamon Deposits Beneath Central San Francisco Bay, 1981, UC Berkeley (abstract, table of contents, and pg 14, 15, 231,232 scanned; pdf on FAD); Some metadata from B-1-55-SF, BAY_TOLL_XING_2001 also present; green logbook containing map of sample locations (scanned pdf on FAD). C14 dates from C2011, C-101 (Southern crossing) and C-4019, C-2001 (1955), sample descriptions and microfossil IDs from C-5002 (1959; San Mateo Hayward Crossing), C-5007 (1963; San Mateo Hayward Crossing) sample description from 1970-1971 Dumbarton crossing, sample descriptions from Greco Island, 1974, sample description from 7-20-1975 Rodeo Lagoon, and organisms/fossil reports from W.O. Addicott, Fred Nichols, P.C. Valentine, and John A. Barron. bottled samples from 6/8/1948 to 6/9/1948
Start (port not specified) 1948-06-08
End (port not specified) 1975-12-31
West -122.84214056
East -121.65887233
North 38.37368228
South 37.33028324


Crew members
Information specialist(s)
Mary L McGann
Specialist, Information

Data types and categories

Data category: Location-Elevation, Sampling
Data type: Navigation, Geology

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
navigation Navigation (no data reported)
core Biology, Geology 4


Datasets produced in this activity

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
booring logs core data in holdings; PCMSC Carol A Reiss
core descriptions core data in holdings Carol A Reiss
raw samples core data in PCMSC holdings Angela CML Tan
washed samples core data in holdings Carol A Reiss


Samples collected during this field activity