Field Activity 2019-330-FA

Identifier 2019-330-FA
Purpose To collect GPS data at ground control points (GCP) to further validate existing SFM model.
Location North Topsail Beach and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
Summary Successful acquisition of 53 Ground Control points, 39 of which were pre-determined and 13 opportunity.
Info derived XYZ data for pre-determined GCP locations.
Chevy Suburban Silver
Start North Topsail Beach, NC 2019-06-11
End North Topsail Beach, NC 2019-06-14
Days in the field 3
West -77.64312744
East -77.14874268
North 34.69420296
South 34.38651268
Marine operations Yes


600 Fourth Street South
St. Petersburg, FL33701-4846
(727) 502-8000
Principal investigators Karen L M MorganJenna A Brown
Crew members
Karen L M Morgan
Scientist, Staff
Chelsea A Stalk
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
Chelsea A Stalk
Specialist, Information
Affiliate principal Christopher Sherwood (WHCMSC)

Data types and categories

Data category: Imagery, Location-Elevation
Data type: Photo, Benchmarks, Navigation

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
Choke Ring Antenna Benchmarks, Navigation (no data expected)
Ashtech ProFlex 800 GNSS Receiver Benchmarks, Navigation (no data reported)
Digital Camera Photo, Video (no data reported)
Collapsible Tripod Benchmarks, Navigation, Profiles, Transects (no data expected)
Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) DGPS Benchmarks, Navigation, Profiles (no data expected)
SP80 GNSS Receiver Benchmarks, Navigation 1


Datasets produced in this activity

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
2019-330-FA_GCP SP80 GNSS Receiver Processed location and elevation (xyz) with attribute information and accompanying site photographs Chelsea A Stalk


Samples collected during this field activity