Contracted data 2020-303-CNT

Identifier 2020-303-CNT
Alternate names RSCC-DUNEX5
Data provider Charles Wayne Wright
Location NC coast
Summary Collected aerial imagery along the coast from Cape Lookout to Corolla, NC.
Info derived Aerial images and aircraft navigation data, suitable for conducting SfM processing and creating orthomosaic photos, DEM and point cloud data.
Comments Aerial imagery collected by C. Wayne Wright (manned aircraft), using a Sony A7R II, 36 Megapixel digital camera, and PPK GPS was recorded aboard the plane. Entries for this field activity are based on entries from Field Activity 2019-310-CNT
Rapid Response Surveys (GX.21.MN00.GJA10.00)
Start (port not specified) 2020-02-08
End (port not specified) 2020-02-09
West -79.34326172
East -75.0970532
North 36.73338136
South 33.40851683


Crew members
Information specialist(s)
Christine Kranenburg
Specialist, Information
Jenna A Brown
Specialist, Information

Data types and categories

Data category: Imagery, Location-Elevation
Data type: Photo, Navigation

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
Digital Camera Photo, Video 1
GPS Navigation 2


Datasets produced in this activity

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
2020-02_NC_ Digital Camera Aerial imagery divided into folders based on 3-minute latitude segments Christine Kranenburg GPS Post-processed navigation file, including image names and corresponding aircraft positions Thomas F. Kraemer GPS Detailed “Area” maps showing individual coastline segments corresponding to data files Christine Kranenburg


Samples collected during this field activity

Images collected during this field activity

1570 images are associated with this activity.