Field Activity 2020-327-FA

Identifier 2020-327-FA
Purpose Collect beach elevation transects to support our Sand Key camera operation.
Location Sand Key, Clearwater, FL, USA
Summary 30 Cross-shore and 5 alongshore elevation transects
Info derived Beach elevation
Comments SMG-PF-800-5. GPS Touch Tablet. BPK1. Hypack LIte 15683150. duration: ~2 hours. antenna height = 189.6cm. antenna was over my right shoulder. control point in north parking lot/sidewalk used before/after survey lines. sidewalk v-point near short light post, straddle small gravel bed. Entries for this field activity are based on entries from Field Activity 2020-322-FA
on foot
walking survey, generally with GPS backpack
POV (Private Vehicle)
Start Clearwater, FL 2020-12-07
End Clearwater, FL 2020-12-07
Days in the field 1
West -82.84202099
East -82.83596992
North 27.94317081
South 27.93443649


600 Fourth Street South
St. Petersburg, FL33701-4846
(727) 502-8000
Principal investigators Kara S Doran
Crew members
Justin J Birchler
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
David M Thompson
Specialist, Information
Justin J Birchler
Specialist, Information

Data types and categories

Data category: Location-Elevation
Data type: Transects, Navigation

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
Ashtech ProFlex 800 GNSS Receiver Benchmarks, Navigation (no data reported)
GPS Tablet Navigation, Profiles, Transects (no data reported)
GPS Backpack Navigation, Profiles, Transects 1


Datasets compiled from multiple sources

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
YYYYMMDD_SandKeyFL_XYZ GPS Backpack Processed beach profile data, in 17 zip files based on field collection date Justin J Birchler


Samples collected during this field activity