Donated data 2021-608-DD

Identifier 2021-608-DD
Data provider SFEI
Location San Francisco Bay
Summary support contract with SFEI - a project that USGS doesn’t t collaborate on. However sediment samples were collected for PCMSC labs for internal working standard purposes, see below
Comments Samples were collected for sediment and geochemistry lab for working internal standard. For sediment lab, samples of potentially sandy mud were taken at 37.49540, -122,09507 in 4.5m of water, on the shoal/channel margin. Waypoint 071 on the Jewell chart plotter. The samples of mud for Geochem group were taken at 37.43505, -122.02632 in 3m of water, center of the Gualalupe Slough. Waypoint 072 on the Jewell chart plotter. There is shell mixed in with the mud.
Other (Other)
Parke Snavely
Start (port not specified) 2020-11-24
End (port not specified) 2020-11-24
West -122.09507
East -122.02632
North 37.4954
South 37.43505


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