Donated data 2022-343-DD

Identifier 2022-343-DD
Alternate names FL Corals ARG
Data provider Dr. Karen Neely, Nova Southeastern University
Location Cheeca Rocks, Florida Keys
Summary Collected 2-cm diameter coral tissue biopsies from 12 Montastraea cavernosa (Mcav) colonies and 12 Colpophylia natans (Cnat) colonies; 4 Mcav that had never been treated with amoxicillin Base2b; 4 that had been treated once; 4 that had been treated multiple times; 4 Cnat that had never been treated; 4 that had been treated once; 4 that had been treated multiple times. Samples preserved in RNAlater in the field and shipped on cold packs to USGS SPCMSC for processing.
Info derived antibiotic-resistance gene diversity present in coral tissue microbiomes
Comments Collected by Karen Neely and Sydney Gallagher. Water temperature 80 degrees F. All tissue biopsies taken on an angled surface (not the top of the colony nor a vertical side).
Start (port not specified) 2022-11-17
End (port not specified) 2022-11-17
West -80.6167
East -80.6024
North 24.948
South 24.9032


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Julie J. Voelschow
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Data category: Biological Field Study
Data type: Experiments (biological)


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