Field Activity A103HW

Identifier A103HW
Alternate names A-1-03-HW
Purpose Collect geographically referenced video of coral reefs for bottom type classification.
Description United States Geological Survey, National Mapping Division, Flagstaff,United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California. Chief Scientist: Pat Chavez. Video data (underwatercamera, GPS, underwatertelevision) of field activity A-1-03-HW in Molokai, Hawaii from 02/10/2003 to 02/12/2003
Location Hawaii
Summary Video, GPS
Info derived Bottom type classification
Comments Staff information imported from InfoBank Pat Chavez (USGS NMD, Flagstaff) - Chief Scientist Miguel Velasco (USGS NMD, Flagstaff) - Video collection Ann Gibbs (USGS CMG, WR) - Video collection Joe Reich - Ship Captain
Alyce C
Start Molokai 2003-02-10
End Molokai 2003-02-12
West -160.25
East -154.25
North 22.25
South 18.75
Activity Video


USGS, National Mapping Division, Flagstaff
Flagstaff, AZ
2885 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA95060
(831) 460-7401
Principal investigators Chavez, Pat
Crew members
Ann E Gibbs
Scientist, Staff
Velasco, Miguel
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
Ann E Gibbs
Specialist, Information
Velasco, Miguel
Specialist, Information
Affiliate staff Joe Reich - Ship Captain

Data types and categories

Data category: Imagery, Location-Elevation
Data type: Photo, Navigation, Video

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
underwatercamera Photo 1
GPS Navigation (no data reported)
underwatertelevision Video (no data reported)


Datasets compiled from multiple sources

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
Benthic habitats of the coral reef ecosystem on the south shore of Moloka'i underwatercamera A benthic habitat polygon coverage has been created of the coral reef ecosystem on the south shore of Moloka'i. Polygons were hand-digitized from visual interpretation of aerial photography and SHOALS bathymetry data. We also utilized in situ knowledge from towed instruments, underwater photography and videography, and diver and snorkeler observations. The polygons have attributes for Main Structure/Substrate, Dominant Structure/Substrate, Major Biological Cover, Percent of Major Biological Cover, Reef Zone, and Unique ID, and measurements of acreage, area (m2) and perimeter (m) of each polygon. Susan Cochran


Samples collected during this field activity