Field Activity H108AR

Identifier H108AR
Alternate names H-1-08-AR, HLY0805, HLY0806
Also known as H0108AR
Purpose Mapping of the seafloor morphology in order to define the location of the 2500 meter contour and the foot of the continental slope as defined by the UN for Law of the Sea purposes.
Description National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Chief Scientist: Larry Mayer. Multibeam and subbottom profiling data (Seabeam, expendablebatthermograph, chaindredge) of field activity H-1-08-AR in Chukchi Cap from 08/14/2008 to 09/05/2008
Location Chukchi Cap
Summary added green logbook to holdings 2/28/18
Info derived seismic
Comments USCGC Healy - HLY0805 NOAA Index to Marine & Lacustrine Geological Samples - HLY0805 Staff information imported from InfoBank Larry Mayer - CCOM UNH Andy Armstrong - NOAA Brian Calder - CCOM UNH Shachak Peeri - CCOM/IUNH Monica Wolfson - CCOM UNH Robert Bogucki - CCOM UNH Daiela Goncalves - CCOM/UNH Koji Ito - CCOM/UNH Priyantha Jindasa - CCOM/UNH Neil Tinmouth - CCOM/UNH Val Schmidt - CCOM/UNH Rochelle Wigley - CCOM/UNH Samual Greenaway - NOAA/CCOM Kelley Brumley - UAF Ethan Roth - UCSD Betsy Baker - Vermont Law School Adriane Colburn - Stanford University Jimmy Jones Olemaun - Community Observer James Brinkley - US National Ice Center Peter Legnos - US National Ice Center William Walter - US National Ice Center Pablo Clemente (US National Ice Center) - Colon Walt Lincoln - US National Ice Center Dale Chayes - LDEO Steve Roberts - UCAR/LDEO Stephen Howard - ARMADA Alex Andronikov - Univ of Mich David Skillicorn - NOAA John Hall - CCOM Marty Reedy - US Fish and Wildlife
Length 420 feet; beam 82 feet; draft 29 feet.
Start Barrow, AK 2008-08-14
End Barrow, AK 2008-09-05
West -167.999
East -139.13531
North 83.1097
South 71.2949
Activity Multibeam and subbottom profiling


2885 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA95060
(831) 460-7401
Principal investigators Jonathan R Childs
Crew members
Armstrong, Andy
Scientist, Staff
Andronikov, Alex
Scientist, Staff
Bogucki, Robert
Scientist, Staff
Brumley, Kelley
Scientist, Staff
Baker, Betsy
Scientist, Staff
Brinkley, James
Scientist, Staff
Colburn, Adriane
Scientist, Staff
Clemente, Pablo
Scientist, Staff
Chayes, Dale
Scientist, Staff
Mayer, Larry
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
Jonathan R Childs
Specialist, Information
Affiliate staff Brian Calder - CCOM UNH,Shachak Peeri - CCOM/IUNH,Monica Wolfson - CCOM UNH,Daiela Goncalves - CCOM/UNH,Koji Ito - CCOM/UNH,Priyantha Jindasa - CCOM/UNH,Neil Tinmouth - CCOM/UNH,Val Schmidt - CCOM/UNH,Rochelle Wigley - CCOM/UNH,Samual Greenaway - NOAA/CCOM,Ethan Roth - UCSD,Jimmy Jones Olemaun - Community Observer,Peter Legnos - US National Ice Center,William Walter - US National Ice Center,Walt Lincoln - US National Ice Center,Steve Roberts - UCAR/LDEO,Stephen Howard - ARMADA,David Skillicorn - NOAA,John Hall - CCOM,Marty Reedy - US Fish and Wildlife

Data types and categories

Data category: Environmental Data, Location-Elevation, Sampling, Sonar
Data type: Temperature, Navigation, Geology, Multibeam

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
chaindredge Geology 15
expendablebatthermograph Temperature (no data reported)
navigation Navigation (no data reported)
GPS Navigation 2
Seabeam Multibeam (no data reported)



Samples collected during this field activity