Field Activity L197SF

Identifier L197SF
Alternate names L-1-97-SF,TIB97
Description Chief Scientist: Dave Cacchione. Geoprobe Deployment data (Geoprobe, MarshMcBirney, temperature, pressuresensor, opticalbackscattersensor, transmissometer, altimeter, ADP, sidescansonar, CTDmeter) of field activity L-1-97-SF in San Francisco Bay, CA from 12/06/1997 to 12/06/1997
Location CA
Summary The tripod was deployed on the bay floor for 11 days, measuring water currents and other oceanographic parameters and recording thousands of rotating sidescan images to track the movement of underwater sand dunes. The project is part of a larger study designed to reveal how sediment and pollutants move through San Francisco Bay.
Comments Expected date of recovery 12/17/97. Instruments in geoprobe instrument package: 4 marsh-mcbirney electromagnetic current meters (1/2 hr. measurements), 2 temperature sensors (1/2 hr. measurements), 1 parascientific pressure sensor (1/2 hr. measurements), 5 optical backscattering sensors (1/2 hr. measurements), 3 led transmissometers(1/2 hr. measurements), 1 bottom-looking altimeter (1/2 hr. measurements), 1 upward-looking acoustic doppler profiler (continuous 10 minute averages), 1 rotating sidescan sonar (1/2 hr. measurements), 1 ocean sensors ctd (5 minute measurements) Staff information imported from InfoBank Dave Cacchione (USGS Western Region) - Chief Scientist Dave Rubin (USGS Western Region) - Geologist Joanne Ferreira (USGS Western Region) - Geophysicist George Tate (USGS Western Region) - Geologist Rick Viall (USGS Western Region) - Electronics Technician
White Lightning
Start (port not specified) 1997-12-06
End (port not specified) 1997-12-06
West -122.437
East -122.43717
North 37.88667
South 37.88667
Activity Geoprobe Deployment


Principal investigators Cacchione, Dave
Crew members
Joanne C. T Ferreira
Scientist, Staff
George B Tate
Scientist, Staff
Rubin, Dave
Scientist, Staff
Viall, Rick
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
Joanne C. T Ferreira
Specialist, Information

Data types and categories

Data category: Environmental Data, Location-Elevation, Sonar, Time Series
Data type: CTD, Current, Depth, Temperature, Turbidity, Navigation, Sidescan, Mooring (physical oceanography)

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
MarshMcBirney Current (no data reported)
temperature Temperature (no data reported)
pressuresensor Depth (no data reported)
opticalbackscattersensor Turbidity (no data reported)
transmissometer Turbidity (no data reported)
altimeter Depth (no data reported)
ADP Current (no data reported)
sidescansonar Sidescan (no data reported)
CTD Surveys (geochemical), Experiments (geochemical), CTD (no data reported)
navigation Navigation 3
Geoprobe Mooring (physical oceanography) (no data reported)


Datasets produced in this activity

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
Best file with nav in ArcInfo E00 format navigation Evan T Dailey
Global positioning system (GPS) data l-1-97-sf.060 navigation Provisional best file Evan T Dailey
Global positioning system (GPS) data l-1-97-sf.060_degree navigation Evan T Dailey


Samples collected during this field activity