Field Activity W103HW

Identifier W103HW
Alternate names W-1-03-HW
Purpose Sub-sample cores of opportunity provided by the US Navy
Description United States Geological Survey. Chief Scientist: Eric Grossman. Geological data (pushcore) of field activity W-1-03-HW in Pearl Harbor Shelf, Oahu, Hawaii from 04/30/2003 to 05/02/2003
Location Hawaii
Summary Five 80-ft (20-inch diameter) pilings filled with 4 to 20 m of fossil coral reef and sediment from the Pearl Harbor shelf were subsampled for their contents. Pilings were driven into shelf in water depths of 60 ft to 150 ft as part of a US Navyís characterization of substrate integrity for outfall project. Twenty meters of 2-in diameter, lined core samples and 25 bag samples of branching and massive corals were collected from pilings. Sample lithology, coral species composition, and radiometric ages will be used to determine reef and sediment accumulation history and depositional environments during the Holocene sea-level transgression.
Info derived Fossil coral species composition, fossil coral ages, and coral/sediment accretion histories. Sediment grain size.
Comments Staff information imported from InfoBank Eric Grossman (USGS, Western Region) - Chief Scientist Bruce Richmond (USGS, Western Region) - Information Specialist Mike Torresan (USGS, Western Region) - Technical Assistant
Start (port not specified) 2003-04-30
End (port not specified) 2003-05-02
West -160.25
East -154.25
North 22.25
South 18.75
Activity Geological


2885 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA95060
(831) 460-7401
Principal investigators Eric Grossman
Crew members
Michael E Torresan
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
Bruce M Richmond
Specialist, Information

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Data category: Sampling
Data type: Geology

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pushcore Geology (no data reported)


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