Dataset description: HARS1996_3m_bathymetry

Bathymetry of the Historic Area Remediation site in 1996
Keywordssea-floor characteristics, multibeam sonar, geospatial datasets, marine geophysics, bathymetry
Data typesMultibeam
FormatGeoTIFF, Esri binary grid
Amount20 MB

This is Edition 2.0 of grid hars1996_3m. An error in the University of New Brunswick (Clarke, 1998, see cross reference) processing software that resulted in the multibeam observations not being properly projected onto a plane was discovered in 2003. A second error in the gridding algorithm was discovered in 2007, requiring a shift of 1/2 grid cell to northwest. Edition 2.0 differs from Edition 1.0 (Butman and others, 2002) in that it was processed using corrected software; comparison of the location of selected features suggests that Edition 2.0 is shifted approximately 10 m to the east compared to Edition 1.0.


Activities and equipment

1996-043-FASimrad EM 1000
Multibeam echo sounder, 95 kHz, acquires bathymetry and backscatter

Geometries linked to this dataset

Maphars1996-043-FAmos_footprint_geojsonFootprint of survey area of the Historic Area Remediation Site in 1996.