Dataset description: Hars1996Mos

GeoTIFF image of the backscatter intensity of the sea floor of the Historic Area Remediation Site in 1996 (3-m resolution, Mercator, WGS 84)
Keywordsmultibeam sonar, image mosaics, sea-floor acoustic reflectivity, geospatial datasets, marine geophysics
Data typesMultibeam
Amount5 MB

This is Edition 2.0 of GeoTIFF Hars1996Mos.tif. An error in the University of New Brunswick (Clarke, 1998, see cross reference) processing software that resulted in the multibeam observations not being properly projected onto a plane was discovered in 2003. A second error in the gridding algorithm was discovered in 2007, requiring a shift of 1/2 grid cell to northwest. Edition 2.0 differs from Edition 1.0 (Butman and others, 2002) in that it was processed using corrected software; comparison of the location of selected features suggests that Edition 2.0 is shifted approximately 10 m to the east compared to Edition 1.0.


Activities and equipment

1996-043-FASimrad EM 1000
Multibeam echo sounder, 95 kHz, acquires bathymetry and backscatter

Geometries linked to this dataset

Maphars1996-043-FAmos_footprint_geojsonFootprint of survey area of the Historic Area Remediation Site in 1996.