Dataset description: Mg_Ca_Compiled_averages

Laser ablation (LA-ICP-MS) Mg and Ca values for every measurement averaged for each chamber on each individual foraminifera
Keywordscarbon isotope analysis, ecology, geochemistry, light stable isotope analysis, marine geology, micropaleontology, oxygen isotope analysis, plankton, protists, protists
Data typesGeology
Formatcomma-delimited text;
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Activities and equipment

10CEV01Sediment Trap
11CEV01Sediment Trap
11CEV03Sediment Trap
12CEV01Sediment Trap
12CEV02Sediment Trap
13CEV01Sediment Trap
08CEV01Sediment Trap
10CEV04Sediment Trap
09CEV02Sediment Trap
13CEV03Sediment Trap