Information linked to Julie C Bernier

Record ID 176
Full name Julie C Bernier
Given name Julie
Middle initial C
Family name Bernier
e-mail address
Telephone 1 727-502-8133
Telephone 2 727-424-2938
FAX number 727-502-8182
Address 600 4th Street South, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701, US
City St. Petersburg
State FL
Zip code 33701
Job title Geologist
Status 1
Room A254
Motorboat Operator Certification Course 1
Building AFP
geom POINT(-82.63832 27.764084)
Personal watercraft operator 1
Organization name USGS, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center
Manager name James G Flocks

Crew membership

Activity Role
2022-328-FA Scientist, Staff
2022-328-FA Specialist, Information
2022-309-FA Scientist, Staff
2021-312-FA Scientist, Staff
2021-312-FA Specialist, Information
2021-327-FA Specialist, Information
2021-308-FA Scientist, Staff
2021-308-FA Specialist, Information
2021-304-FA Scientist, Staff
2021-304-FA Specialist, Information
2020-306-FA Scientist, Staff
2020-306-FA Specialist, Information
20CNT01 Specialist, Information
2019-333-FA Scientist, Staff
2019-333-FA Specialist, Information
2018-358-FA Scientist, Staff
2018-358-FA Specialist, Information
2017-324-FA Scientist, Staff
2017-324-FA Specialist, Information
2017-323-FA Scientist, Staff
2017-323-FA Specialist, Information
2016-359-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-359-FA Specialist, Information
2016-339-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-339-FA Specialist, Information
2016-338-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-338-FA Specialist, Information
2016-322-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-322-FA Specialist, Information
2015-301-CNT Specialist, Information
2015-326-FA Scientist, Staff
2015-326-FA Specialist, Information
2015-317-FA Scientist, Staff
2015-317-FA Specialist, Information
2015-308-FA Specialist, Information
2014-335-FA Specialist, Information
2014-322-FA Scientist, Staff
2014-322-FA Specialist, Information
2014-317-FA Specialist, Information
2014-314-FA Specialist, Information
2014-301-FA Scientist, Staff
2014-301-FA Specialist, Information
13CCT04 Scientist, Staff
13CCT04 Specialist, Information
13LGC02 Scientist, Staff
13LGC02 Specialist, Information
13BIM02 Scientist, Staff
13BIM02 Specialist, Information
13BIM04 Specialist, Information
13BIM05 Scientist, Staff
13TST02 Scientist, Staff
13TST03 Scientist, Staff
12SWL01 Scientist, Staff
12SWL01 Specialist, Information
12BIM03 Scientist, Staff
12BIM01 Scientist, Staff
12BIM01 Specialist, Information
12TST01 Scientist, Staff
12TST01 Specialist, Information
10CCT05 Specialist, Information
10CEV02 Scientist, Staff
10SWL01 Scientist, Co-Chief
10SWL01 Scientist, Staff
10SWL01 Specialist, Information
09CCT05 Scientist, Staff
08SWL01 Scientist, Staff
08SWL01 Specialist, Information
07SWL02 Specialist, Information
07SWL01 Specialist, Information
07SCC04 Scientist, Staff
06SWL01 Scientist, Co-Chief
03SWL01 Scientist, Co-Chief
02SWL01 Scientist, Co-Chief
2016-324-DD Specialist, Information


Activity Item ID Description
2016-332-FA 2016-322-FA_CorePhotos core photographs
2016-332-FA 2016-322-FA_CoreSites sample locations
2016-332-FA 2016-322-FA_GrainSize_SumStats Grain-size summary statistics
2016-332-FA 2016-322-FA_CoreLogs Core logs with grain-size plots
2016-322-FA 2016-322-FA_CoreLogs.pdf Core logs with grain-size plots
2016-322-FA Post-processed DGPS data
2016-322-FA Grain-size summary statistics
2016-322-FA Sample locations
2016-322-FA Core photographs
2015-301-CNT 2015–2017 grain-size summary statistics
2015-301-CNT 2015–2017 sample locations
2014-336-FA 2014-336-FA_CoreLogs.pdf Core logs
2014-336-FA GRADISTAT grain size run statistics
2014-336-FA Sample locations
2014-336-FA Grain size summary statistics
2014-336-FA Core photographs
2014-322-FA 2014-322-FA_GPR_ASCII_Raw_Data Raw data from ground penetrating radar
2014-322-FA 2014-322-FA_GPR_Profile_Images Ground penetrating radar profile images
2014-322-FA 2014-322-FA_GPR_KML_files Spatial data for ground penetrating radar files
2014-322-FA 2014-322-FA_GPR_DGPS_data Navigation data for ground penetrating radar files
2014-314-FA 14BIM04_CoreLogs.pdf Core logs
2014-314-FA Core photographs
2014-314-FA GRADISTAT grain size run statistics
2014-314-FA Grain size summary statistics
2014-314-FA Core x-radiographs
2014-314-FA Sample (push and grab) locations (.xlsx, .csv, .shp, .kml)
2014-331-DD BB-SPCMSC_core-logs Core logs
2014-331-DD BB-SPCMSC_grain-size Grain-size statistics
2014-331-DD BB-SPCMSC_coresites Sample locations
13BIM04 13BIM04-BA-rd-1 HYPACK single beam bathymetry
13BIM05 13BIM05-NL-rd-1 DGPS raw navigation: BRM2, TMRK, Rover
13BIM04 13BIM04-BA-rd-2 Single-beam bathymetry - Odom
13BIM03 13BIM03-NL-rd-1 DGPS raw navigation data: base and boat
13BIM05 13BIM05-PV-rd-1 field photographs
13BIM03 13BIM03-BA-rd-2 HYPACK single-beam bathymetry
13BIM03 13BIM03-BA-rd-3 Sound Velocity Profiles
13BIM03 13BIM03-BA-rd-1 single-beam bathymetry - Odom
13BIM04 13BIM04-NL-rd-1 DGPS raw navigation, base and boat
10SWL01 OFR_2011-1169_AppA_all_sects core description sheets
10SWL01 10SWL01-SA-rd-1 Push cores
10SWL01 snwr_elev2010 DGPS point elevation data
10SWL01 10SWL01-NL-rd-1 GPS navigation, base and boat
10SWL01 10SWL01-SA-pd-2 core photographs
10SWL01 10SWL01-NL-rd-2 hypack navigation
08SWL02 08SWL02-NL-rd-1 GPS Navigation, base and boat. Raw GPS files collected using the Ashtech Z-Xtreme GPS receivers. Satellite L1/L2 signals were received via the Ashtech choke-ring antennas for the base stations and the boat. One folder per survey day contains two sub-folders, one for the base and one for the boat. Each containing the three raw files per each recorded GPS session: binary (B*. *), ephemeris (E*. *), site files (S*. *) and may or may not have an almanac file (ALM*. *). These files were retroactively converted into the non-proprietary Rinex format for archiving. Each Rinex folder contains an observation file and a navigation file for each GPS session.
08SWL02 08SWL02_SBB_xyz Single-beam bathymetric x,y,z data from the Bully Camp, Point au Chien, Caminada, Fourchon, and Leeville study areas
08SWL02 08SWL02-BA-rd-1 This instrument did not collect individual files; rather it was streaming depth below transducer via the E-SEA.dll driver into the HYPACK acquisition software. The strings of data are time stamped and located in the RAW HYPACK files. Example of data string: EC2 2 53549.473 2.210 0.000.
08SWL01 08SWL01-SA-pd-1 core description sheets
08SWL01 08SWL01-SA-rd-2 87 push cores
08SWL01 08SWL01-SA-pd-3 core description sheets
08SWL01 08SWL01-SA-pd-2 core photographs
08SWL01 08SWL01-SA-rd-1 23 vibracores
08SWL01 08SWL01-SA-pd-4 core photographs
07SWL02 07SWL02-SA-rd-2 10 push cores
07SWL02 07SWL02-SA-pd-3 core description sheets
07SWL02 07SWL02-SA-pd-4 core photographs
07SWL02 07SWL02-SA-pd-1 core description sheets
07SWL02 07SWL02-SA-pd-2 core photographs
07SWL02 07SWL02-SA-rd-1 25 vibracores
07SWL01 07SWL01-SA-pd-3 core description sheets
07SWL01 07SWL01-SA-pd-4 core photographs
07SWL01 07SWL01-SA-pd-1 core description sheets
07SWL01 07SWL01-SA-pd-2 core photographs
06SWL01 Core descriptions
2004-303-FA 2004-303-FA_SBB_xyz Single-beam bathymetric x,y,z data from the Madison Bay study area
03SWL02 Core descriptions
03SWL01 Core descriptions
02SWL01 Core descriptions
2016-324-DD landsat_a2a_sand_shrln_final Vector sand and shoreline positions
2016-324-DD landsat_toa_a2a Processed imagery, clipped to study-area extent
2016-324-DD landsat_a2a_lc_final Final classified thematic raster dataset
placeholder 14CTB_SandAugers_xrays Core x-radiographs
placeholder nchan_landcover Zip archive containing thematic land-cover raster datasets in ERDAS IMAGINE (.img) format and comma-separated values (.csv) file detailing land-cover pixel count and total area for each of 75 Landsat image-acquisition dates.
placeholder 14CTB_SandAugers_sites Sample locations
placeholder 14CTB_SandAugers_SumStats Grain-size summary statistics
placeholder 14CTB_SandAugers_logs Core logs
placeholder nchan_features Zip archive containing cross-shore transects and vector shoreline, sand, and vegetated feature Esri shapefile (.shp) and comma-separated values (.csv) file detailing derived feature metrics for each of 75 Landsat image-acquisition dates.