Information linked to Kyle W Kelso

Record ID 198
Full name Kyle W Kelso
Given name Kyle
Middle initial W
Family name Kelso
e-mail address
Telephone 1 727-502-8112
Telephone 2 727-412-2369
FAX number 727-502-8181
Address 600 4th Street South, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701, US
City St. Petersburg
State FL
Zip code 33701
Job title Marine Operations and Facilities Manager
Status 1
Room A110
Motorboat Operator Certification Course 1
Building AFP
geom POINT(-82.63832 27.764084)
Sallenger operator 1
Personal watercraft operator 1
Organization name USGS, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center
Manager name Christopher D Reich

Crew membership

Activity Role
2022-321-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2022-321-FA Scientist, Staff
2022-321-FA Specialist, Information
2021-327-FA Scientist, Staff
2021-327-FA Specialist, Information
2021-332-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2021-332-FA Scientist, Staff
2021-332-FA Specialist, Information
2019-368-FA Scientist, Staff
2019-363-FA Scientist, Staff
2019-363-FA Specialist, Information
2019-304-FA Scientist, Staff
2018-327-FA Scientist, Staff
2017-342-FA Scientist, Staff
2017-342-FA Specialist, Information
2017-359-FA Scientist, Staff
2017-324-FA Scientist, Staff
2017-317-FA Scientist, Staff
2017-317-FA Specialist, Information
2017-305-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-357-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-365-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-365-FA Specialist, Information
2016-339-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-351-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-351-FA Specialist, Information
2016-347-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-333-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-333-FA Specialist, Information
2016-335-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-335-FA Specialist, Information
2016-340-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-340-FA Specialist, Information
2016-331-FA Scientist, Staff
2016-322-FA Scientist, Staff
2015-344-FA Specialist, Information
2015-331-FA Scientist, Staff
2015-326-FA Scientist, Staff
2015-320-FA Scientist, Staff
2015-320-FA Specialist, Information
2015-318-FA Scientist, Staff
2015-317-FA Scientist, Staff
2015-317-FA Specialist, Information
2015-312-FA Scientist, Staff
2015-307-FA Scientist, Staff
2015-307-FA Specialist, Information
2014-336-FA Scientist, Staff
2014-336-FA Specialist, Information
2014-334-FA Scientist, Staff
2014-334-FA Specialist, Information
2014-325-FA Scientist, Staff
2014-317-FA Scientist, Staff
2014-317-FA Specialist, Information
2014-314-FA Scientist, Staff
2014-312-FA Scientist, Staff
2014-309-FA Scientist, Staff
14LGC01 Scientist, Staff
13BIM08 Scientist, Staff
13CCT04 Scientist, Staff
13CCT04 Specialist, Information
13BIM02 Scientist, Staff
13BIM02 Specialist, Information
13BIM03 Scientist, Staff
13BIM04 Scientist, Staff
13BIM05 Scientist, Staff
13BIM05 Specialist, Information
13BIM06 Scientist, Staff
13BIM06 Specialist, Information
13LGC01 Scientist, Staff
13SGD01 Scientist, Staff
13TST02 Scientist, Staff
13TST03 Scientist, Staff
13CCT03 Scientist, Staff
13CCT03 Specialist, Information
13BIM01 Scientist, Staff
13BIM01 Specialist, Information
13GFP01 Scientist, Staff
13CCT02 Scientist, Staff
12BIM05 Scientist, Staff
12BIM05 Specialist, Information
12LGC02 Scientist, Staff
12SWL01 Scientist, Staff
12BIM04 Scientist, Staff
12BIM02 Scientist, Staff
12BIM02 Specialist, Information
12TST06 Scientist, Staff
12TST06 Specialist, Information
12TST04 Scientist, Staff
12TST05 Scientist, Staff
12CBC03 Scientist, Staff
12BIM01 Scientist, Staff
12BIM01 Specialist, Information
12TST01 Scientist, Staff
12TST01 Specialist, Information
11CBS02 Scientist, Staff
11BIM02 Scientist, Staff
11BIM01 Scientist, Staff
11LGC01 Scientist, Staff
11LGC01 Specialist, Information
11TST06 Scientist, Staff
11TST04 Scientist, Staff
11TST03 Scientist, Staff
11TST02 Scientist, Staff
11CCT01 Scientist, Staff
11LTS01 Scientist, Staff
10BIM06 Scientist, Staff
10CCT05 Scientist, Staff
10CCT05 Specialist, Information
10BIM03 Scientist, Staff
10CEV02 Scientist, Staff
10SWL01 Scientist, Staff
10SSF01 Scientist, Staff
10CCT04 Scientist, Staff
10CCT04 Specialist, Information
10CCT02 Scientist, Staff
09CCT05 Scientist, Staff
09CCT05 Specialist, Information
09CCT03 Scientist, Staff
08SWL02 Scientist, Staff
08SWL02 Specialist, Information
08SWL01 Scientist, Staff


Activity Item ID Description
2017-317-FA 2017-317-FA_vibracores R/V Apalachee Test
13BIM05 13BIM05-SA-rd-1 11 grab samples
13BIM05 13BIM05-SA-pd-8 grab sample grain size analyses
13BIM05 13BIM05_Grain_Size push cores grain size analyses
13BIM05 13BIM05_samplesites push core and grab sample locations
13BIM05 13BIM05-SA-pd-9 grab sample GRADISTAT files
13BIM05 13BIM05_grainsize_GRADISTAT-Statistics push core GRADISTAT files
13BIM05 13BIM05_Core-X-Rays push core xrays
13BIM05 13BIM05_Core-Photos push core photos
13BIM05 13BIM05_Core-Logs push core logs
13BIM05 13BIM05-SA-rd-1 18 push cores
13BIM05 13BIM05-GIS push core and grab sample GIS dataset
13CCT03 13CCT03-EN-rd-1 Tidal and temperature data, pressure sensor data
13CCT03 13CCT03-PV-rd-1 field photos
13BIM01 13BIM01-SA-rd-1 15 Vibracores
13BIM01 13BIM01-SA-pd-2 core digital photographs, both blended and sbs corrected
13BIM01 13BIM01-NL-rd-2 GPS for cores
13CCT02 13CCT02-EN-rd-1 Raw seabird data
12LGC02 12LGC02_grainsize grab samples GRADISTAT files
12LGC02 grainsize_summary-statistics grab samples grain size analyses
12LGC02 12LGC02_samplesites grab samples locations
12LGC02 DS_Chan2012_sediment-GIS grab samples GIS dataset
12BIM02 12BIM02-NL-rd-1 GPS navigation, boat, base and well
12BIM02 12BIM02-SA-rd-1 marsh cores
12BIM02 12BIM02-NL-pd-1 processed GPS navigation
12BIM01 12BIM01_Core-Logs berm push core logs
12BIM01 grainsize_summary-statistics berm cores grain size analyses
12BIM01 12BIM01_Core-Photos berm push core photos
12BIM01 12BIM01-SA-pd-9 Grab samples GRADISTAT files
12BIM01 12BIM01-SA-rd-3 5 grab samples from previous BICM sample sites
12BIM01 12BIM01-PV-rd-1 grain size analysis digital photos
12BIM01 12BIM01-PV-rd-2 flight digital photos
12BIM01 12BIM01_Core-X-Rays berm push core xrays
12BIM01 12BIM01_surface grab_grainsize Grab samples grain size analyses
12BIM01 12BIM01_samplesites berm push core and grab sample locations
12BIM01 12BIM01-SA-rd-1 31 push cores along berm, 14 marsh push cores
12BIM01 12BIM01-NL-pd-1 processed Ashtech DGPS navigation
12BIM01 12BIM01-NL-rd-2 Garmin handheld GPS Navigation
12BIM01 12BIM01-NL-rd-1 Ashtech DGPS navigation
12BIM01 DS_Chan2012_sediment-GIS berm push cores and grab sample GIS dataset
12BIM01 12BIM01-SA-rd-2 25 surface grab samples along berm, 18 marsh
11BIM02 11BIM02-EM-pd-2 shapefiles of processed magnetics
11BIM02 11BIM02-EM-pd-1 processed magnetics data
11BIM02 11BIM02-EM-rd-1 SeaSPY Marine Magnetometer
10CCT05 10CCT05-SA-pd-3 grain size analysis
10CCT05 10CCT05-SA-pd-2 core photographs
10CCT05 10CCT05-SA-pd-1 core description sheets
10CCT05 10CCT05-SA-pd-6 Vibracore locations
10CCT05 10CCT05-SA-rd-1 65 vibracores
10CCT05 10CCT05-SA-pd-5 Vibracore shapefiles
10CCT05 10CCT05-SA-pd-4 downloadable maps with core locations
10CEV02 10CEV02-NL-pd-1 vibracore sample sites shapefile
10BIM03 10BIM03-SA-rd-1 10 terrestrial vibracores
10CEV02 10CEV02-SA-pd-2 vibracore description sheets
10CEV02 10CEV02-SA-pd-1 vibracore photographs
10CCT04 10CCT04-SA-rd-1 34 vibracores
09CCT05 09CCT05-SA-pd-1 Core photographs
09CCT05 09CCT05-SA-rd-1 vibracores
09CCT05 09CCT05-SA-pd-2 Core description sheets