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Inactive staff. This person is no longer active at the USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center.

Crew membership

Activity Role
2010-003-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2010-012-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2009-069-FA Scientist, Chief
2009-069-FA Specialist, Information
2009-035-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2009-035-FA Scientist, Staff
2009-035-FA Specialist, Information
2009-034-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2009-034-FA Specialist, Information
2009-004-FA Scientist, Staff
2007-007-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2007-008-FA Scientist, Chief
2007-008-FA Scientist, Staff
2007-008-FA Specialist, Information
2006-015-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2006-015-FA Scientist, Staff
2006-022-FA Scientist, Chief
2006-022-FA Specialist, Information
2006-001-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2006-001-FA Scientist, Staff
2005-001-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2003-002-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2003-002-FA Scientist, Staff
2002-069-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2002-069-FA Specialist, Information
2002-017-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2002-017-FA Specialist, Information
2002-020-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2001-010-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2001-010-FA Specialist, Information
2001-088-FA Scientist, Chief
2001-088-FA Scientist, Staff
2001-007-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2001-007-FA Scientist, Staff
2001-007-FA Specialist, Information
2000-030-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2000-030-FA Specialist, Information
2000-056-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2000-056-FA Specialist, Information
2000-027-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2000-027-FA Specialist, Information
1999-014-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1999-014-FA Scientist, Staff
1999-014-FA Specialist, Information
1999-002-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1998-014-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1998-014-FA Scientist, Staff
1997-007-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1997-007-FA Scientist, Staff
1997-031-FA Scientist, Chief
1997-031-FA Specialist, Information
1997-006-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1997-006-FA Scientist, Staff
1996-005-FA Scientist, Staff
1995-043-FA Scientist, Staff
1995-004-FA Scientist, Chief
1994-012-FA Scientist, Staff
1994-023-FA Scientist, Chief
1994-023-FA Scientist, Staff
1994-031-FA Scientist, Chief
1994-031-FA Scientist, Staff
1993-026-FA Scientist, Chief
1993-026-FA Scientist, Staff
1991-015-FA Scientist, Chief
1991-015-FA Scientist, Staff
1990-003-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1990-003-FA Scientist, Staff
1990-001-FA Scientist, Chief
1990-001-FA Scientist, Staff
1989-034-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1989-034-FA Scientist, Staff
1989-024-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1989-024-FA Scientist, Staff
1989-006-FA Scientist, Staff
1989-001-FA Scientist, Chief
1989-001-FA Scientist, Staff
1987-021-FA Scientist, Chief
1987-021-FA Scientist, Staff
1987-004-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1987-004-FA Scientist, Staff
1986-026-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1986-026-FA Scientist, Staff
1986-033-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1986-033-FA Scientist, Staff
1986-004-FA Scientist, Staff
1985-034-FA Scientist, Chief
1985-034-FA Scientist, Staff
1985-028-FA Scientist, Staff
1985-012-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1985-012-FA Scientist, Staff
1984-009-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1984-009-FA Scientist, Staff
1984-034-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1984-034-FA Scientist, Staff
1984-034-FA Specialist, Information
1982-026-FA Scientist, Chief
1982-026-FA Scientist, Staff
1982-005-FA Scientist, Staff
1981-028-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1981-028-FA Scientist, Staff
1981-006-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1981-006-FA Scientist, Staff
1980-026-FA Scientist, Chief
1980-026-FA Scientist, Staff
1980-024-FA Scientist, Staff
1980-015-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1980-015-FA Scientist, Staff
1980-009-FA Scientist, Staff
1979-034-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1979-034-FA Scientist, Staff
1979-031-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1979-031-FA Scientist, Staff
1979-015-FA Scientist, Staff
1979-002-FA Scientist, Staff
1978-031-FA Scientist, Staff
1978-023-FA Scientist, Staff
1978-021-FA Scientist, Staff
1978-012-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1978-012-FA Scientist, Staff
1977-021-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1977-021-FA Scientist, Staff
1976-029-FA Scientist, Staff
1976-052-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1975-009-FA Scientist, Staff
1975-002-FA Scientist, Staff


Activity Item ID Description
2010-003-FA 2010-003-FA-SE-001-01 PNG images of each seismic profile were generated in order to incorporate images of the seismic data into Geographic Information System (GIS) projects and data archives utilizing HTML. These PNG images represent approximately 253 km of chirp seismic data collected with the EdgeTech 424 in Sept. 2010. This format is universal and yields an easily browseable pictorial view of the seismic profiles. Each profile image is hotlinked to its corresponding trackline navigation contained within a polyline shapefile ('2010-003-FA_Chirp424_tracklines.shp'), and even 500 shot-point locations are available in a point shapefile ('2010-003-FA_Chirp424_500sht.shp). All of these data are available in an ESRI ArcMap project, as well as separate .zip archives on this digital data DVD archive ().
2010-003-FA 2010-003-FA-LN-001-01 Hypack Navigation data are included as an archive documenting the survey area surrounding the Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts and the instrumentation used to manage the ship's navigation.
2010-003-FA 2010-003-FA-LN-002 Raw F180 data
2010-003-FA 2010-003-FA-NL-001 Cuttyhunk CZM survey log
2010-003-FA 2010-003-FA-BA-001 Raw *.sxr files from Cuttyhunk CZM survey
2010-003-FA 2010-003-FA-LN-001 Raw hypack data
2010-019-FA 2010-019-FA-SE-001 Chirp 512i chirp profiles
2009-035-FA 2009-035-FA-SC-001-01 Grain size analysis: 38 analyses on 6 cores; lab records AX540 to AX577.
2009-035-FA 2009-035-FA-SE-001-02 Maps of sea floor, ravinement surface, and lowstand surface: ESRI shapefiles and grids.
2009-035-FA 2009-035-FA-SC-001-02 Visual descriptions and photographs of cores.
2000-030-FA 2000-030-FA-PH-001 35mm still photo prints and negatives from John Day Reservoir Substrate Sampling: 5 rolls covering stations 1-48.
2000-030-FA 2000-030-FA-NL-002 Dave Twichell's field notes for John Day Reservoir Geophysical Survey and Substrate Sampling
1999-014-FA 1999-014-FA-LN-001 All navigation data acquired on the field activity
1999-002-FA paper records PCMSC data holdings
1998-014-FA 1998-014-FA-PH-001 35mm photo negatives and prints for grab sampling operations taken by SeaBOSS: 7 rolls.
1994-023-FA 1994-023-FA-LN-003 Remastered Navigation DGPS data (1) DVD from (20)3.5 floppy disks.
1994-023-FA 1994-023-FA-SO-002 Remastered (1) DVD-Sidescan sonar data from(6)8mm tapes.
1994-031-FA 1994-031-FA-SO-001 Sidescan Sonar Data
1990-003-FA 1990-003-FA-PH-001 Photo prints of complete split cores: B/W; 1 photo for each of cores 21-67, plus negatives.