Information linked to John F Bratton

Inactive staff. This person is no longer active at the USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center.

Crew membership

Activity Role
2010-079-FA Scientist, Chief
2010-017-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2010-007-FA Scientist, Chief
2010-006-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2009-067-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2009-067-FA Scientist, Staff
2009-021-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2009-021-FA Scientist, Staff
2009-009-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2009-009-FA Scientist, Staff
2008-043-FA Scientist, Staff
2008-037-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2008-037-FA Scientist, Staff
2008-026-FA Scientist, Staff
2008-007-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2008-007-FA Scientist, Staff
2007-033-FA Scientist, Chief
2007-005-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2007-005-FA Scientist, Staff
2007-005-FA Specialist, Information
2006-036-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2006-036-FA Scientist, Staff
2006-018-FA Scientist, Chief
2006-018-FA Scientist, Staff
2006-018-FA Specialist, Information
2006-027-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2006-027-FA Scientist, Staff
2006-027-FA Specialist, Information
2006-007-FA Scientist, Chief
2006-007-FA Scientist, Staff
2006-011-FA Scientist, Staff
2005-044-FA Scientist, Chief
2005-036-FA Scientist, Chief
2005-036-FA Scientist, Staff
2005-006-FA Scientist, Chief
2005-006-FA Specialist, Information
2005-035-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2005-035-FA Scientist, Staff
2005-035-FA Specialist, Information
2005-029-FA Scientist, Staff
2005-027-FA Scientist, Staff
2005-016-FA Scientist, Chief
2005-016-FA Specialist, Information
2005-014-FA Scientist, Chief
2005-014-FA Scientist, Staff
2005-014-FA Specialist, Information
2004-050-FA Scientist, Staff
2004-038-FA Scientist, Staff
2004-014-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2004-014-FA Scientist, Staff
2004-014-FA Specialist, Information
2004-013-FA Scientist, Chief
2004-013-FA Scientist, Staff
2004-013-FA Specialist, Information
2004-012-FA Scientist, Chief
2004-012-FA Scientist, Staff
2004-012-FA Specialist, Information
2003-039-FA Scientist, Chief
2003-039-FA Scientist, Staff
2003-038-FA Scientist, Chief
2003-038-FA Scientist, Staff
2003-038-FA Specialist, Information
2003-026-FA Scientist, Chief
2003-026-FA Scientist, Staff
2001-087-FA Scientist, Chief
2001-087-FA Scientist, Staff
2001-087-FA Specialist, Information
2000-059-FA Scientist, Staff
2000-050-FA Scientist, Staff
2000-049-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
2000-049-FA Scientist, Staff
1999-026-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1999-026-FA Scientist, Staff
1998-016-FA Scientist, Co-Chief
1998-016-FA Scientist, Staff


Activity Item ID Description
2009-021-FA 2009-021-FA-NL-001 John Bratton's field log: 3 pages (pp. 31-33) in green Rite-in-Rain field book.
2009-021-FA 2009-021-FA-GC-001 Salinity and temperature measurements: gathered via YSI 30; locations from handheld GPS, recorded in notebook.
2009-009-FA 2009-009-FA-NL-001 J. Bratton's field notes: handwritten field notes in fieldbook.
2009-009-FA 2009-009-FA-GC-001-01 Excel spreadsheet: contains all geochemical field readings and samples analyses.
2009-009-FA 2009-009-FA-GC-001 Field data sheets with pH, temperature, salinity, DO, etc.
1999-026-FA 1999-026-FA-SC-001 6 piston cores: inventory #s MD99-2204, MD99-2205, MD99-2206, MD99-2207, MD99-2208, and MD99-2209; stored in 49 sections.
1999-026-FA 1999-026-FA-SC-001-01 Core samples analyses: including grain size, radiocarbon, palynology, trace metals, water content, and other geochemistry analyses.