Applied Acoustics CSP 300

Description Boomer source. Plates and hydrophones used in conjunction with source vary by field activity. Please refer to specific FAN's supporting documentation for this information.
Active? No
Manufacturer Applied Acoustics Engineering
Model number CSP 300
Device type Underway > Source > Seismic > Seismic source (air guns, boomers, etc.) > Sediment
Data types
Boomer Seismics (Chirp, boomer, Multichannel)
Sub Bottom Profiler Seismics (Chirp, boomer, Multichannel)

Usage of this device

Field activity Center Platforms Activity location and equipment usage description
01RCE05 SPCMSC Mississippi River Delta, Atchfalaya River Delta, LA
01SCC02 SPCMSC Terrebone Bay, Louisiana
02LCA02 SPCMSC Lakes Ada, Crystal, Jennie, Mary, Rice, and Sylvan, Florida
04FGS01 SPCMSC St. Augustine, FL; Atlantic offshore NE fl (Duval, St Johns, Flogler counties)
04SCC01 SPCMSC Terrebonne, Timbalier, and Barataria Bays and Lake Pelto, Louisiana, Louisiana
04SGI01 SPCMSC Withlaccoochee River, Florida
05FGS01 SPCMSC Offshore east-central Florida
06FSH03 SPCMSC Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Florida
97KEY01 SPCMSC Just north of Molasses Reef off north Key Largo (Upper Keys) to east boundary of Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary (Lower Keys), Florida
98FGS01 SPCMSC St. Joe Bay, FL
98FGS02 SPCMSC Fort Pierce, Florida
98LCA02 SPCMSC Lake Brooklyn, Deep Lake, Lake Winmea, FL
98LCA03 SPCMSC Lake George, Florida
99LCA02 SPCMSC Daytona Beach, Florida